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Showing posts from December 3, 2014

Social Beats Search In Referral Traffic For Second Time This Year

There’s a chart at the top of BuzzFeed’s interesting new insights site that caught our eye. It shows the social media has surpassed search as the top driver of referral traffic to content on the web.
Of course, BuzzFeed would be pushing that narrative; the site famously ignores SEO optimization strategy and focuses on creating content for maximum share-ability. BuzzFeed’s internal data, in fact, shows social drives five times more traffic than search.
But are we approaching an overall social-over-search tipping point for publishers? We asked Shareaholic, the source of the data for the BuzzFeed chart, to share more details. And Shareaholic confirmed that the social has pulled ahead in a see-saw battle. Social passed search for the first time in June, 30.93% to 29.40%. Search jumped back into the lead in July and August, before a social rebound in September (29.35% to 29.14%).
So nearly a dead heat, but social clearly has the momentum if you look at Shareaholic’s figures for the last 13 mo…

What Affects Ad Viewability? 5 Factors From A Google Study

As more advertisers move toward buying display ads on a viewable impression basis rather than by served impression, Google looked across its display ad platforms, including DoubleClick, to find out what affects an ad’s viewability.
A viewable impression occurs when at least 50 percent of an ad in view for more than one second, according to the IAB standard. Google’s study looked at display ads across web browsers on desktop and mobile devices and came away with 5 key findings.
1. Viewability averages are being dragged down by a an outsized number of publishers. The study found that 56.1 percent of display ad impressions were never viewable. However, the average publisher viewability rate was 50.2 percent.
2. Top of the page isn’t as important as you might think. Turns out the most viewable ad position is right above the fold, not the top of the page. That’s true for 300 x 250, 728 x90 and 320 x 50 ad units.
3. Viewability rates above the fold are higher than below the fold, but nowhere ne…

Moving Files between your Android and Desktop Gets Easier with AirDroid 3

The AirDroid app is probably the easiest way to manage your Android phone from your Mac or Windows PC. It lets you quickly transfer files between your phone and your computer, or from one Android phone to another, without requiring any USB cables.
The newest version of AirDroid – version 3.0 – is even better.
Earlier, if you had to transfer a file from the computer to your Android phone via AirDroid, you had to open a special web page in your web browser, authenticate the connection and only then were you allowed to download or upload files.

Now AirDroid has released dedicated clients (software program) for both Windows and Mac that mostly bypasses the need for a web browser. Once you have installed the AirDroid software on your computer, you can simply drag one or more files to the desktop app and the files are instantly transferred to your Android device. It just works.
The transfer happens extremely fast if your computer and your phone are connected to the same WiFi network. However, i…

In the next 60 seconds, 300 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube

YouTube’s stats page says that people are uploading 100 hours worth of new videos every minute. ReelSEO says they have it on good authority, that the number is now closer to 300 hours of new uploads every minute and I believe it.
I’ve developed the habit of watching videos every night before I go to bed. More often than not, there are so many new videos in my feed, I don’t have to look elsewhere for entertainment. Let me put this in perspective. I only follow 26 people and I get 3-5 new updates per day. The majority of the people I follow upload videos that are no less than 7 minutes and can be up to 40 minutes. That means, I’m seeing anywhere from an hour to 3 hours of new content per night.
Now multiply that times the millions of people who upload to the site and yes. . . it’s easy to see how we could hit 300 hours per minute.
That’s not to say it’s 300 hours of worthwhile content or even mildly watchable content. I’ve seen videos that are nothing more than 10 seconds of a camera point…

Twitter Is Rolling Out A Simpler Way To Report Abusive Tweets

Twitter announced today that it is giving users a simpler way to report harassment or other abusive behavior on its network.
In changes to be rolled out in the coming weeks, the company said it will make the abuse reporting process more mobile friendly, require less information, “and, overall, make it simpler to flag tweets and accounts for review.”
The move is a clear response to criticism that Twitter has moved too slowly to enforce its rules against harassment, prompted by high-profile incidents such as Zelda Williams being driven off Twitter after her father’s death and threats of rape and other violence related to the Gamergate controversy.
“The changes we’re announcing today to our harassment reporting process and to our block feature are representative of our broader focus on giving people more control over their own Twitter experience, including their interactions with others,” said Del Harvey, Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, in a statement. “We’re also working to t…