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How to Easily Find the Biggest Files in your Google Drive

What do you do when your Google Drive is running out of storage space? You either add more storage or the inexpensive option is that you clean up your Drive and delete the large files that are hogging up the bulk of space. But how do know where these big files are hiding in your Drive?

Google Drives lists the file size but without the sort option.

If you switch to the List View in Google Drive (the list icon is near the Settings gear), it will show the sizes of all your files but unfortunately there’s no option to sort that list by their sizes. Also, Google Drive doesn’t support a Gmail-style size search operator so, unlike your emails, you cannot search for big files in Drive.
There’s however an easy workaround. While you are in Google Drive, go to bottom left corner and you’ll see a link that shows how much storage space you have used. Hover your mouse over that link and then choose Google Drive. Voila! The list you now see is sorted by size and the largest are listed at the top.
You ca…

Use the Reader Mode in Chrome for Android for a Better Reading Experience

Google Chrome for Android features a new Reader Mode that lets you read web pages on your mobile without the clutter. Previously you had to install bookmarklets to enable readability but not anymore as readability is now integrated in the recent releases of Chrome much like the Safari browser on iOS.

Read web pages without the clutter

While you are reading an article inside Chrome (it will only show up in text-heavy articles), you can click the “Reader” button near the address bar (see screenshot above) and the current page is instantly optimized for reading. The page header, the ads, the sidebar, the navigation and all the non-essential elements are instantly hidden while the typeface and layout is changed for improved readability.
Turn-on the Reader Mode in Chrome
If you are not seeing the Reader Mode button in your Chrome yet, that’s because it’s enabled by default. Tap the address bar in Chrome, type chrome://flags and you’ll get a list of flags that are available in your Chrome.

“Dark Social” Is Still Nearly 70 Percent Of Sharing Activity

Two years after Alexis Madrigal coined the term, we’re still largely in the dark about Dark Social.
Dark Social, you’ll remember, is that portion of referral traffic that lacks information to trace it back to its source. In Madrigal’s article introducing the idea, he reported that nearly 69% of social referral traffic to publishers was “dark.”
This week that number came up again when social engagement firm RadiumOne released a study “The Light and Dark of Social Sharing” that pegs dark social sharing at 69% globally. Coincidence? Perhaps. But the evidence is strong that there’s a flame flickering behind the smoke. Especially, when you consider that Tynt, another provider of social engagement tools, put the number at more than 70% earlier this year.
But just because several data sources are triangulating doesn’t mean we fully understand what’s going on here.
The assumption by RadiumOne, Tynt — and Madrigal, at the inception — is that the majority of dark sharing is being done …

How we view content is changing, what we view. . . not so much

We hear a lot about how streaming video and mobile options are cutting into traditional TV time. But Nielsen’s Q3 report makes it clear that the TV industry isn’t in danger of collapse, just yet. The real story isn’t about giving up one for the other, it’s about choosing one over the other based on time, place and current passion.
Look at this timeline of technological offerings:
When the VCR hit stores, we thought there would never be a better invention for watching TV. But look where we are now; online streaming, Blu-Ray, time-shifting, and tiny digital gizmos that deliver even more content to you while you sit on the couch. I got an Amazon Fire Stick over the weekend and now I have 1,000 more ways to fill my evening hours. (What did we watch first? 1970’s Celebrity Bowling. What a hoot.)
Here’s a funny thing about having so many options – I still tend to fall back on the shows and movies I know and love. 300+ channels, the entire Netflix and Amazon Instant libraries at my fingertips a…

Bravo ‘Vandalizes’ Cars To Spark Social Conversation About ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’

There is really a TV show for everyone, isn’t there? And Bravo seems to be the place to find these, shall we say, very important shows to watch.
One such show — actually Bravo’s first scripted program — is Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, which made its debut December 2 and stars former House star Lisa Edelstein. Because hey, everyone needs a little help going through this event in their lives. And so we have the Bravo TV show.
To call attention to this advice-for-free slice of entertainment, creative agency Omelet cooked up a stunt that basically either paints the man as a sport-car-loving, insensitive doofus or the woman as a vindictive, spiteful vandal. (Likely the former, given it’s aimed at the “Girlfriends” audience, rather than at men.)
Whatever the case may be, we have three sporty cars atop platform trucks driving around New York City in an effort to promote the show. The cars have been emblazoned with statements written by seemingly scorned women and include, “Leaving You,” “You …

Facebook CPMs Jump 7X YoY With Holiday Demand, ROI Doubles

Rising demand for ads in Facebook’s Newsfeed along with more users accessing Facebook on mobile led to dramatic increases in CPMs in November year-over-year, according to Kenshoo. With the higher CPMs, advetisers also saw ROI jump significantly in this time period.
CPMs saw a 7-fold increase, while return on investment nearly doubled and click-through rates rose 5-fold.

Cyber Monday
These results were magnified on Cyber Monday. CPMs increased by 10X and ROI increased by 5X on Facebook’s Marketplace compared to 2013.
Efficiencies on Facebook Exchange (FBX) were better than Marketplace, with CPMs rising by 3X and ROI jumping 5X.

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Most Shared Brands Of 2014: Activia Breaks Into The List At No. 1 On The Success Of Shakira’s “La La La” Video

Making its debut appearance at No. 1, Activia has been named the most shared brand of 2014 on the success of its Shakira “La La La” video.
Based on each brand’s combined number of social shares for video ads shared during 2014, marketing technology company Unruly ranked the top ten most shared brands of the year following its Top 20 most shared video ads of 2014.
This year’s World Cup event proved beneficial for a number of brands. After launching World Cup themed video ad campaigns, Activia, Samsung, Nike, Coca Cola and Adidas all earned spots on Unruly’s list of most shared brands.
Unruly’s Top 10 Most Shared Brands of 2014

Activia (5,851,633 shares)
Samsung (4,301,989 shares)
Nike (3,844,268 shares)
Coca-Cola (3,357,945 shares)
NBA (3,110,160 shares)
Budweiser (3,100,944 shares)
GoPro (2,863,293 shares)
Adidas (2,852,945 shares)
Pepsi (2,413,830 shares)
Electronic Arts (2,362,152 shares)

While this was Activia’s debut appearance on the top ten list, Samsung, Pepsi, Budweiser and Electronic Arts …

Black Friday Deals Drive Frenzy Of Older iPhone Adoption

Widespread buying incentives on older iPhone and iPad models from big box retailers this weekend seem to have driven a lot of sales. Mobile analytics provider Localytics documents how effective discounting was in motivating these purchases.
The company looked at new devices on its network both before and after Black Friday. Prior to Black Friday various retailers (and carriers) were discounting — in some cases very aggressively — older iPhone models. Consumers took the bait, according to Localytics.
The chart below reflects new device activity before and following Black Friday. It shows how consumers leapt after deals on the iPhone 5s and older models. The big winners were the iPhone 5 and 5c. Many of these models were offered for “free” or zero-down with a two-year contract.

The graphic above also implies what financial analysts have long been saying: were Apple to lower prices it could substantially increase its market share.
On Black Friday and Cyber Monday the new iPads (Air 2, Mini 3…