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Namecheap Coupons – Up to 40% Off this December

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Scales Tip: Over Half Of Search Spend Will Go To Mobile In 2015

Just over half (50.1 percent) of spending on paid search ads and SEO efforts will go to mobile starting next year, according to research firm, eMarketer. The scales will continue to tip quickly in mobile’s favor in the coming years, with 76.7 percent of US search spend going to mobile by 2018.

Last year, eMarketer estimates that less than a quarter (24.7 percent) of US search dollars went to mobile, which in this study include tablets and smartphones.
The shift is a result of the ubiquity of smartphones and swiftly changing behaviors. As a result “search will be more mobile than desktop next year the study finds.
Despite the shift in spending, ROI on mobile, while improving, is not yet keeping pace. EMarketer predicts mobile ROI will continue to trail desktop next year and beyond until tracking and attribution become more precise and allow marketers to close the loop between mobile search activity and online and, in particular, offline sales.
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How To Create WordPress Blog on Bluehost In Next 5 Minutes

There are many cheap and reliable Hosting for WordPress out there and one of them is Bluehost. I have used Bluehost for my client sites and what I like about them is unlike many other hosting, they don’t over sale it. Also, they come up with only Shared and reseller hosting package, where you can […]
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Forecast: Yahoo’s Mobile Ad Revenues To Soon Exceed Twitter

In its third quarter earnings report Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer surprised most people with the announcement that Yahoo would have more than $1.2 billion in mobile ad revenue for the year. Now eMarketer forecasts that the company will become the third largest mobile advertising company in the US in 2015.
Accordingly it will pass Twitter, the current number three. The firm estimates that Yahoo will capture just over 3.7 percent of US mobile advertising revenue next year, compared with Facebook’s 16.7 percent and Google’s roughly 35 percent.

In part this mobile revenue acceleration comes from its Flurry acquisition in July, which gives Yahoo expansive reach in mobile analytics and in-app advertising. The company is also beginning a bigger cross-platform video ads push through Flurry and its more recent BrightRoll acquisition.
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Are you making these 5 social media mistakes in your business?

Social media can be a very effect marketing tool for every type of business but people underestimate the amount of thought and effort it takes to do social correctly.
Bianchi PR, a firm that specializes in automotive suppliers, studied the social media efforts of their top clients and found that there was plenty of room for improvement.
James A. Bianchi, firm president said,

“Auto suppliers – like many other business-to-business sectors – are using social media, but most of them are way behind consumer-oriented sectors in terms of strategy, content and engagement. Every supplier I’ve talked with is intensely curious about how his or her company compares with peers and what they can do to boost engagement.”

If you’re not in the automotive biz, keep reading anyway; these are tips everyone can use.
The study begins with a baseline. From this chart we see that LinkedIn is the social media powerhouse but companies are only posting there an average of 3 times a month. Facebook and Twitter are cl…

The key to successful content marketing? More promotion, less content

“The idea of “if you build it, they will come” is (and always has been) only true if you insert the words “and you promote it” in the middle.”
That quote comes from a new white paper published by PR Newswire and the Content Marketing Institute called “Time to Orchestrate the Concert of Paid Media“. This is where we stop and acknowledge the fact that PR Newswire is in the content promotion business but, biased or not, it’s a solid statement.
You can write the best content in the world. You can reveal the secrets of the universe, but it won’t matter if people can’t find your content to read it. Same old song, I know but here’s the interesting new verse; paying for content to promote content. For example; paying for a press release to promote a white paper which in turn promotes your business.
It doesn’t sound right but it’s actually a tried and true path. This very blog post is based on a white paper that I found through a paid (sort of – since it’s a press release from PR Newswire on PR N…

Chartbeat Shines A Light On Dark Social, Finds Missing Mobile Referrers

Chartbeat appears to have solved a piece of the dark social puzzle.
Turns out a significant percentage of unattributed traffic to publishers is coming from mobile apps and last night at 6 p.m. Eastern the analytics company flipped a switch on its real-time dashboard to place that traffic in its proper bucket.
It’s still early, so Chartbeat is being cautious about over-promising, but chief data scientist Josh Schwartz told Marketing Land that sites are already seeing a 10 to 20% decrease in dark traffic, meaning they have a clearer picture of the source of that traffic.
Not surprisingly, there’s a high dose of mobile Facebook. “We saw mobile Facebook traffic increase by about 40% on sites with big Facebook presences,” Schwartz said. “On sites that are very, very heavy on mobile facebook we saw even larger increases. I saw some sites with 3 or 4x increases on mobile Facebook. But that’s a rarity, not the norm.”
Chartbeat’s adjustment came after it discovered that a number of highly used mob…

Twitter Launches “Answers” For Free App Install Tracking

Until now, advertisers using Twitter’s mobile app promotion to drive app installs could only get analytics on ad performance by working with one of the platform’s ad tech partners. Today, the company announced app marketers can get these insights for free via Answers.
Answers is part of Twitter’s developer platform introduced in October, Fabric, which rolls up its various tools and services like Crashlytics and MoPub. To get Answer’s real-time analytics, advertisers need to integrate Fabric into their apps and choose the Crashlytics Kit.
Answers will only track conversion performance on Twitter itself, so if you want to measure conversions and customer lifetime value across other channels, that’s where Twitter’s ad tech partners come in.
Marketers can see both organic and paid installs in the dashboard.

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