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Instagram Hits 300 Million Active Users, Adds Badges For Verified Accounts

Instagram announced today that it has 300 million active users and signaled that it is continuing efforts to make sure those users are real people.
“Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day,” Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom wrote in a blog post.
At 300 million, Instagram has surpassed Twitter and its 284 million monthly actives as the second-place major social network. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing network is growing fast; it passed the 200-million mark in March.
Instagram also released several more user and usage stats, saying more than 70% of its users are people outside the United States, that more than 30 billion photos and videos have been shared. In an indication that engagement is high, users tap the like button 2.5 billion times daily.
To make sure those interactions are what they seem, Instagram said it is adding verified badges for celebri…

The silent social majority: what social media analytics don’t tell you

If you’re getting flack over the lack of engagement on your company Facebook page, here’s a fact that you can use to fight back. 90% of social media engagement comes from only 30% of your social media audience.
I even have a graphic from Vision Critical to back it up.
Vision Critical’s new report “What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You” tells us that there are a lot of lurkers out there who aren’t being counted. For the report, they surveyed the followers of three companies —a major motion picture studio, a renowned broadcasting company and a cross-category apparel brand. What they found was that a whopping 52% of Facebook followers on those accounts were lurkers — people who post once a week or less. 19% were dabblers posting 2 to 4 times a week.
Enthusiasts post 5 or more times a week and when they say more they mean more as in 100’s of posts in a single week. These enthusiasts are the ones that carry your branded message out into the world, they share it with their many friends an…

Twitter Enables Ad Targeting Based On Mobile App Actions

Twitter today announced that it’s giving mobile app advertisers a way to fine tune their ad targeting, allowing the creation of audience segments based on app actions such as install, purchase or sign-up.
The basic idea is to help advertisers focus on reaching people who are most likely to engage and enable the exclusion of people who already are interacting with a company’s app. Product manager Kelton Lynn explained in a blog post:

Tailored audiences from mobile apps can help you drive the highest possible ROI in your app install and app engagement campaigns. You can ensure that your ads are not displayed to users who have already installed your app. And you can augment tailored audiences from mobile apps with look-alike targeting to reach high-value users most similar to those who have your app installed.
In app engagement campaigns, you can use tailored audiences from mobile apps to connect with users at specific stages of your app marketing funnel. For instance, you can target users …

The Secret Meanings Behind 40 Brand Logos

What’s your favorite brand logo really telling you? There’s creativity hidden inside many of them that you might miss at first glance. See the 31 in Baskin Robbins? The arrow in FedEx? The secret Hershey’s Kiss in the Kisses logo?
The folks at Oomph have compiled an infographic with 40 major brand logos and the secrets within them. Enjoy!

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