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Sharethrough Launches Native Advertising Cards Across Mobile Sites And Apps

Today, native in-stream advertising platform, Sharethrough, launched support for dynamic native advertising cards across mobile publishers using the service.
Advertisers can repurpose their content such as images, videos, music and articles into dynamically formatted ads in the feeds of over 300 mobile sites and apps. The company is launching with over 20 cards. In a demo, Sharethrough showed examples of a Kickstarter card, Etsy card and Slideshare card among others on a mock mobile publisher site.
Cards — first introduced by Twitter, now widely used across mobile by sites like Facebook, and Pinterest and services like Google Now — have been the domain of closed platforms. Sharethrough VP, Chris Schreiber, said by phone, “We are democratizing cards for publishers and giving them access to what has been only available to leading social platforms and publishers. We are enabling cards at scale across hundreds of publishers.”
When clicked, the ads expand to full screen view, but keep users w…

Holiday E-Commerce Rose Just 8 Percent YoY In 2nd Week Of December

Channel Advisor has released same store sales e-commerce data for the second week of December along with a broader look at year-over-year holiday sales trends. Like last year, sales fell during this week of the holiday shopping season from the first week of December. Sales rose just 8 percent over the same week in 2013, down from 14.8 percent the previous week. What sets this year apart from last year’s growth trend is how much earlier the shopping growth peaked.
Merchants ramped up holiday sales offers earlier and consumers followed their lead. In fact, sales growth peaked in the third week of November this year compared to the first week of December in 2013.

Holiday e-commerce trends: Year-over-year growth rates show 2014 started strongly, but then quickly slowed. Source: Channel Advisor

All eyes now will be on whether what ChannelAdvisor CEO, Scot Wingo, calls the “procrastinator pop” will come through for retailers again this year. Did most people get their shopping taken care of bef…

8 Innovative SEM Tips From Those in the Know

When you’re trying to improve your search engine marketing, there’s no better place to look than the advice of those who have already had a winning strategy. Here are eight SEM tips from those in the know on how to improve the way you market your brand next year and beyond.

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Twitter adds mobile targeting option while struggling to catch up on the video side

80% of Twitter users are doing it on a mobile phone. It’s a natural, really. Twitter was designed for short bursts of information – perfect when you’re on the go.
But over the years, the social network has evolved into more than just a way of sharing your real time excitement at an event or a photo of your lunch, it’s now how many people get their news and keep up with the world around them.
When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Twitter is where I go for updates. And while associating Twitter with bad news isn’t good, it does mean I think of it as a network I can trust – and that is a good thing.
Twitter advertising has also come a long way. Today, they introduced two new ways to target mobile users; carrier targeting and new device targeting.
The ability to target by carrier is an interesting option. Obviously, it’s great for carriers who only want to target their current users, or target non-users with a switch now campaign.
Twitter says that carrier targeting can also be used b…

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