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Top 10 Tweeted TV Shows In 2014: “The Walking Dead” No. 1, But “The Voice” Sets Single-Episode Record

The only thing better than watching your favorite television program is tweeting about it scene by scene. This year, “The Walking Dead” fans, on average, tweeted more than any other show watchers.
According to Twitter’s list of the most tweeted TV shows in 2014, FX’s apocalyptic zombie series generated an average of 576,000 tweets per episode, with an average audience size of 4.9 million viewers.
While ranked No. 9 overall, “The Voice” holds the record for the most Tweeted series minute during its May 13 episode, with 310,000 tweets in the span of 60-seconds. The program pushed its #VoiceSave hashtag during the semi-finals episode, encouraging viewers to tweet which performer they wanted saved from elimination.
On “The Voice,” the #VoiceSave hashtag set the single-episode record for TV series conversation and led to the most-Tweeted series minute of 2014, surpassing even the Super Bowl with 310,000 tweets.
Reality series won four of the top ten spots, with “The Bachelor,” “The Bachlorette…

IAB: Online Q3 Ad Revenues Reach Historic High Of $12.4 Billion

Yesterday the IAB released an interim report saying that US online advertising reached an historic high of $12.4 billion for Q3. Ad revenues in the first half of 2013 totaled roughly $23 billion.
It’s likely that Q4 online advertising will come in around $14 billion. If so that would mean the full year 2014 would be worth roughly $50 billion. Last year online ad spending reached roughly $42.8 billion.

Most of online ad revenue (roughly 70 percent) is concentrated in the top 10 ad networks/platforms, according to the IAB. Those companies ranked 11th to 25th accounted for the next roughly 11 percent and the remaining 19 percent of online ad spend is distributed across the rest of the ecosystem.
We won’t find out what the “official” Q4 and full year revenue numbers are until Q1 of next year. It will be especially interesting to see what the mobile ad figures are. Emarketer has projected that mobile advertising will reach $19 billion in the US in 2014.
The post IAB: Online Q3 Ad Revenues Reac…

10 tips for marketers using social media to increase user engagement

Social media is about people Anna Lawlor, journalist, content creator and co-director, Social i Media It’s not just about using new platforms and tools for the sake of it, I think it’s important to remember how crucial the old fashioned relationship and business communications are. Relationship capital…should be at the heart of any brand’s social […]
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How to Maximize Your Amazon Associates Revenue

While there are a variety of ways that webmasters and bloggers can go about marketing their services and promoting their content to earn revenue, one option that typically gets overlooked is the Amazon Associates program. In short, the Amazon Associates program an affiliate marketing program that gives site owners commission for customers they link into […]
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2014 Year in Review: Search

Search is more than just an online tool to help you find things faster. Search is a time capsule. Gathered one keystroke at a time, with millions of people submitting billions of queries; search results tell us what was important to a large portion of our population at any given moment in time. The trend lists, Google, Yahoo and Bing produce at the end of the year, are mini-history lessons for future generations.
When I see these year-end trend lists, I wonder how many of these topics – topics that were so important to us in 2014 – will resonate with others twenty years from now. . . fifty years from now. How about in 3014? (I wonder what search will look like then?)
This graphic is the top 5 most searched terms in the US in 2014. Pretty serious stuff until you get to number 5. Flappy Bird? That’s embarrassing. At least the World Cup was a reason to celebrate.
Google says we can tell a lot about ourselves and our culture from the trending search terms. It’s true but it’s not always nice.

How to Prevent Gmail from Trimming your Email Signature

Gmail has this annoying habit of trimming content that it thinks is repetitive or not relevant to the ongoing email conversation. For example, if you reply to an email message, the recipient will only see what you have written and everything else in the thread would stay hidden until they manually click the 3 dots (ellipsis) that say “Show Trimmed Content.”
This doesn’t always work as expected though. Gmail may sometimes hide your actual reply if it contains content identical to other messages in the thread. Also, if you attach a signature to your outgoing email messages, the recipients are unlikely to see your signature because Gmail will hide that portion under the ellipsis.
This GIF illustrates the problem. I sent an email to a contact and this is how they see it. Only the reply is visible to her but not my email signature.

Stop Gmail from Hiding your Signature
You want your customers and contacts to see your email signature because it has your phone number, website address and other c…

More Brands Uploading Video Directly To Facebook Vs. Posting YouTube Videos On Facebook Pages [Report]

Social media analytics company SocialBakers is throwing more fuel on the fire that is the Facebook video versus YouTube video showdown.
Two months after forecasting the number of videos uploaded directly to Facebook would exceed the number of YouTube videos, SocialBakers says its prediction has come to pass.
For the first time ever, content creators are now posting more native Facebook videos than YouTube videos on their pages.
SocialBakers evaluated 20,000 Facebook pages belonging to brands, media outlets, celebrities and entertainment companies to determine how content marketers are implementing video content on the social media site.
As of November, the social media analytics company reports the number of Facebook pages posting Facebook videos surpassed the number of pages posting YouTube videos.
Continuing the trend, SocialBaker also reports the number of Facebook video posts now exceeds the number of YouTube video posts.

According to its findings, natively uploaded videos on Facebook a…