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Top 8 Business Women Of India In 2014

On a maniac mid Monday morning in the busy Bangalore roads, a bumper sticker caught my eye and has haunted me since. Turning towards a tech park, the bumper sticker faded away but the message didn’t. It said, “Women are great leaders, you are following one!” Though I never caught a glance of the woman […]
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Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads

Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads Google AdSense, which is one of the largest and best paying contextual ad networks used by thousands of web publishers in India, has finally added Hindi language support to their network. Google ads were not earlier supported on websites and blogs which posted content mainly in Hindi, as a result […]
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Facebook F8 Will Be a Two-Day Affair In 2015

Facebook announced today that it’s adding a second day to its F8 developers conference, which will return to San Francisco March 25-26.
The company, which rebooted the conference last April after a three-year hiatus, said it is adding the extra day because its developer community is rapidly growing. From the email announcing the dates:

Facebook’s developer community is bigger today than it ever has been. The scope of the company’s products has broadened, and there’s more content to share than can fit into a single day. The additional day means double the number of technical sessions, product demos, and onsite experiences for Facebook’s growing developer community.

Facebook said invitation and registration details will be available in early 2015. More details can be found on the F8 website.

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Instagram’s Fake Account Purge Mostly Spares Top Brands

Instagram made good on its promise to delete fake and spammy accounts this week and caused an uproar among Instagrammers stunned at their plunging follower counts.
The purge, dubbed the Instagram Rapture, has hit celebrities the hardest. Justin Bieber lost 5 million followers, 15% of his total, and Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million. Rapper Mase reportedly dropped to 100,000 followers from 1.6 million in a 20-minute span and then deleted his account.
Follower counts are not just an matter of vanity; they are a form of currency o the network as high-profile Instagram users trade on their influence to sign promotional and endorsement deals. That has sparked a black market for Instagram followers, the New York Times reporting in April that a million followers could be purchased for $3,700.
Instagram warned last week the clean-up was coming, noting that the spammy accounts had already been deactivated for violation community guidelines and weren’t being counted among its 300 million active user…