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Facebook To Launch YouTube-Like Playlists

Facebook is launching their own version of YouTube’s playlists, TechCrunch reports.
Facebook now has a video tab available to all businesses that let them choose a selected video to be shown in the extra-large format with a live comment feed on their Facebook page. ABC News has this happening on their Facebook video page right now. Below the featured video is a playlist of other videos available to users to watch online.
Here is a picture of the ABC News Facebook page:

Earlier this month, we reported Facebook and ABC News tested out a new video feature named Facecast, which provided quick newscasts on their Facebook page.
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Italian Authorities Fine TripAdvisor $610,000 For Not Preventing Invalid Negative Reviews

The New York Times reports TripAdvisor, the large travel reviews site, has been fined by Italian authorities for not preventing fake negative reviews on their site.
The Italian Competition Authority fined TripAdvisor 500,000 euros, about $610,000 US, for allowing the “publishing misleading information about the sources of its reviews.” They also gave the company 90-days to remove these “misleading” reviews from their site and prevent it from happening it in the future.
“We think the ruling is unreasonable,” the a TripAdvisor spokesperson said in a statement. “We fight fraud aggressively and are very confident in the systems and processes we have in place.”
The New York Times says this is the first time a reviews site has faced serious fines in the European Union or the Unites States over not preventing false reviews.
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Hidden object gamers love luxury and other gamer facts

Matt is a casino gamer from Tennessee. He likes Walmart, Adam Sandler, Criminal Minds and Dr. Pepper. He’s 34 and when he’s not playing games, he’s researching home improvement ideas for the fixer-upper he recently bought.
As much as this sounds like a dating profile, it’s actually a marketing profile, which, come to think of it, are kind of the same thing.
Matt is just one of the 59.9 million people who play casino games on Facebook every month and he could be your best customer.
The average Facebook gamer isn’t the person you imagine when you hear the word. As a matter of fact, there isn’t just one type of “average Facebook gamer“, there are at least six.
Strategy gamers are the most active. It’s the fourth most popular game type but 74% of strategy gamers log on at least 6 days a week. The overwhelming majority are male and under 35 years old. Most switch between devices but they have the largest concentration of mobile only users. The average strategy gamer loves loud music and exciti…