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Time Bigger Online than Off | RIP Yahoo Directory | Tablet TV Seeks Aero Niche, Less the Lawsuits

Media: Time Inc's last quarter showing that it has a bigger online audience than it does in print is consistent with signals indicating that the shift to digital consumption has gutted publisher revenues due to a combination of lower price expectations online and previously inflated print prices. The current debate in the online community regarding visibility [...]

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General Motors Harnesses Facebook To Fuel Impressive Vehicle Recall Rate

There are 2 million General Motors vehicles on the roads that were created with a defective ignition switch that cause drivers to lose control without any warning. The faulty switches have led to at least 42 deaths according to the LA Times. A recall was needed and GM found themselves looking to social media for a solution.
GM tried the traditional methods, direct mail, phone calls and leveraging dealers to help resolve this deadly issue. While 99% of people became aware of the recall, the sheer number of folks getting their cars fixed was underwhelming. They then tried offering $25 gift certificates that helped spur tens of thousands of responders and tickets to auto shows and state fairs that brought in a few more thousand. Then GM hit social media.

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According to the LA Times, GM used the data marketing firm Acxiom to reach a list of unengaged targeted drivers digitally. GM was able to show targeted recall ads to the unengaged users on Facebook as well as othe…