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Showing posts from December 30, 2014

Online Browsing Remains Strong During Christmas Week, But Conversions Slow

Online holiday shopping activity slowed during the Christmas week but certainly didn’t stop entirely. Traffic was still clocking in at 1.6 times the holiday baseline while conversions dropped precipitously, to only .9 times the baseline number.
Traffic was especially notable on the day after Christmas, when it spiked to 2 times the baseline number. Interestingly, conversions stayed fairly strong through Christmas Eve, according to this week’s Marketing Land Online Retail Sales Report.
The report is based on data from HookLogic, a company which gathers data on online retail transactions through the advertising network it runs, allowing brands to run ads on major retailer websites.
Based on what occurred in 2013, HookLogic expects a rise in both conversions and traffic at the end of the year, as retailers offer close-out deals and shoppers redeem their gift cards.

We’ll be featuring data like this weekly on Marketing Land as a part of our Retail Column coverage through the holiday shopping …

Report: 2.5X More App Installs On Christmas With Apple Device Activations Accounting For 51%

Flurry released their holiday statistics on the number of App installations and new device activations by manufacturer. In short, Apple devices made up 51.3% of all new mobile device activations between December 19 through the 25th, which is the holiday of Hanukkah through Christmas. Samsung devices followed Apple with 17.7%, then Nokia with 5.8%, Sony with 1.6% and LG with 1.4%.
So for every Samsung activation, Apple activated 2.9 devices.
App installations spiked 150% on Christmas day compared to the December 1 through December 21st time period. On average, 2.5 more apps were installed on Christmas day than on the average day the rest of the month according to Flurry.
Also, 13% of new device activations were phablets compared to just 4% in 2013. The iPhone 6+ was one of the top five devices, with the iPhone 6 being the number on device by activation.
App developers should take note of these stats. Here are some charts:

The post Report: 2.…