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Unmetric charts the top social media messages of 2014

Social media marketing wasn’t the path to riches we all expected it to be in 2014. Facebook approached zero visibility, there were major (and embarrassing) missteps on Twitter and we’re all still trying to figure out how to make Instagram work.
But in the midst of all the turmoil, there were triumphs – brands who found a way to connect with social media users. In turn, those users then shared, liked and commented (okay, rarely commented, but you get the picture), lifting the branded campaign to even higher heights.
Unmetric would like to take you on a little journey back in time with this infographic look at the best of 2014. They call it the “Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014” infographic. I call it inspiration for 2015.
The infographic looks like a subway map with three lines running from top to bottom. Red is YouTube, light blue is Twitter and dark blue is Facebook.
A few campaigns scored big across multiple channels. For example, Microsoft’s May the 4th be With You campaign received 6…

eCommerce Satisfaction Down | Dueling Studies Argue Over Rate of Online Ad Fraud

eCommerce: Customer satisfaction ratings among etailers are falling, likely due to increased expectations. Ad Fraud: Startled by a study last year that showed a third of ad impressions were seen only by bots, the ANA and anti-fraud firm White Ops put together a study showing only one in nine impressions were viewed only by bots. The new study, [...]

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