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At MarTech Conference, Aetna’s MTO Says Marketing Technology Can’t Exist In A Silo

Marketing technology has to be integrated with all parts of a organization to be effective, said Joseph Kurian today during the opening session of the Martech conference in San Francisco.
Kurian, the Head of Marketing Technology & Innovation at Aetna, the third-largest health insurance company in the US, joined the company in 2013 and began developing a marketing technology group. One of his first goals was to make sure that technology was integrated across the entire enterprise.
“We cannot exist in a silo,” Kurian told the audience, while explaining that marketing tools have to work with other internal systems in order to drive company-wide business decisions.

Pillars Of A Marketing Technology Office
For attendees that are in the process of growing the role of marketing technology in their companies, Kurian offered his list of three pillars of a marketing technology office:

Marketing is heavily reliant on technology. Much of it is in-house or SaaS at a vendor. We should control budget…

Why Content ‘Misdirection’ Can Be A Viral Homerun

A couple of weeks ago, actor Will Ferrell was interviewed on the “The Tonight Show” to promote his new movie, “Get Hard.” Except Ferrell didn’t really want to talk about the movie. He wanted to chat about Little Debbie snack cakes, and he did it in full Little Debbie makeup and costume.

This interview was a little weird, even for Will Ferrell. But that weirdness, combined with surprise and humor, transformed a run-of-the-mill contractual movie promotion into a news story worth media coverage.
It’s a classic case of misdirection — everyone knew Ferrell would come out and talk about his movie, but nobody expected him to be dressed like a little girl and to praise snack cakes.
Why was he dressed like Little Debbie? Was he really the brand’s new spokesman? Was this a media stunt by the snack cake maker? Why didn’t he want to talk about the film? Where was this interview going to go next?

The audience was fascinated with trying to figure out what was going on. Even days after the interview, pe…

More Unbundling Evidence? Google+ Making Photos Available On Google Drive

Google announced today that it will make photos from Google+ available within users’ Google Drive accounts. It’s a handy new feature for people who use Google+ to store their digital images.
But is is a sign? Well, maybe.
It could be more evidence that Google plans to dismantle Google+ and concentrate more on the sum of its parts, especially the popular photo and Hangouts features. Early this month, Google VP Bradley Horowitz took control of Google+, announcing that he is now in charge of the company’s “Photos and Streams” products. The fact that Horowitz didn’t invoke the Google+ brand in his announcement, coupled with then-fresh remarks by Google SVP Sundar Pichai hinting at a Google+ split prompted a wave of stories in the tech press that Google is planning to pull apart the social network. Some even reported that Google had made the splitofficial.
So far there has been no official word from Google about the issue. However, Google+’s head engineer Yonatan Zunger commented on Google+ t…

Infolinks Review : Should You Use This Ad Network With AdSense?

Infolinks is one name which you will always hear when it comes to monetizing your blog. I have used Infolinks for years, and here I’m sharing my review of Infolinks from my experience. I started blogging in 2008 and the first ad-network which I used was Google AdSense. After AdSense, I started looking for other […]
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Mobile Email Conversions Jump 70% YoY In Q4 2014 With Mobile Delivering 20% Of Email Generated Revenue [Report]

Using the same set of email marketers to compare mobile email conversion rates between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, email marketing provider Yesmail released some eye-opening stats around email-generated revenue growth.
According to its recent mobile email benchmark report, not only did mobile email conversion rates – purchases resulting from an email click – jump 70 percent between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, but mobile revenue accounted for 20 percent of all email-generated revenue.
During the same time period, Yesmail claimed desktop conversion rates declined four percent.
Mobile clicks now account for almost 40% of all email clicks, a 10% YoY increase.
Yesmail also evaluated a number of other mobile email metrics including, clicks, average order values and click-to-open (CTO) rates from more than 6.8 billion marketing emails sent by B2B and B2C clients across 18 different industries.
Overall, Yesmail discovered mobile accounted for nearly 40 percent of all email clicks in Q4 2014, a ten percent incre…

How to Fake your Location in Google Chrome

Some websites may request access to your location so that they can serve more relevant information. For instance, if you are looking for a gas station, a maps website may use your current geographic location to display stations that are near your place without you having to type your co-ordinates.

Google Chrome will only share your location if you click Allow.

How Browsers Determine your Location
Earlier, websites would use the IP address to determine your approximate location but with the HTML5 Geolocation API, web browsers can more accurately detect your location using data from GPS, Wi-Fi networks, cell towers, Bluetooth and the computer’s IP address. If you agree to share your location with the browser, it will send these details to Google Location Services for estimating your location which is then shared with the requesting website.
To give you an example, open the Where am I app in your browser, allow it to use your location information and the app should be able to display your la…

Verisign: .Com Domains Have More Click Appeal In Search Results

Some are controversial. Others are clever. But Verisign wants marketers and business owners to know that none of the new domain extensions has the click appeal of the venerable .com.
According to recent Interbrand research — funded by Verisign, which runs the .com registry and has financial reasons for encouraging .com registrations — consumers are more likely to click on web addresses that end with .com than on one with a new and less familiar domain.
Interbrand tested 1,000 online shoppers in the U.S., showing them a search results page that had similar web addresses with different domain extensions. Sixty-one percent skipped past a higher ranking new domain in order to click on a similar .com listing lower on the search results page. And after having a new domain recommended to them, 62 percent still clicked on the .com version of the address.

The Verisign/Interbrand study also claims that 94 percent of consumers in the test group were correctly able to recall a .com address, compared…

SPONSOR MESSAGE: The State of Digital Marketing Trends – 2015 Report

Offerpop surveyed 100+ marketing professionals on the current state of digital marketing in comparison to their predictions from early 2014. Download the “State of Digital Marketing Report” to view how marketing has evolved in 2014 and where you should be investing your efforts in 2015. Get your copy here.
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Live Blog: Facebook Talks “Why Virtual Reality Will Matter” At F8

The second day of F8, Facebook’s annual developers conference, continues with the second keynote of the day. Earlier, we heard some about Facebook’s Oculus VR platform. In this keynote, we’re promised much more about why Facebook thinks virtual reality matters. The talk begins at 10:30am PT, and our live blog coverage is below. You can also watch it live at

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The Marketing Tech Conference Expanding to Europe, Announces US 2016 Dates

Marketing Land publisher Third Door Media announced dates and locations for the next two editions of MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference series.
MarTech will be held next week at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. More than 1,000 delegates and 65 exhibiting companies will attend the event.
MarTech Europe will take place October 20-21, 2015 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London and features two days of inspiring and actionable content, networking events and an expo hall.
“The explosion of innovation in marketing technology is truly a global phenomenon,” said Scott Brinker, program chair of MarTech and author of the blog. “I’m very excited that we’re launching MarTech Europe this year to connect the many marketing tech pioneers from across the region and to help share their insights and experience with marketers around the world.”
MarTech returns to San Francisco March 21-22, 2016 with an expanded program and expo hall. “CMOs and their teams are expected to …

The Strategic Play: How Marketers Can Combine Elements To Avoid Missed Mobile Opportunities

A multitude of strategies are available to marketers to help push customers along the purchase funnel. While these marketing tactics may be widely available, the slow adoption of such strategies and industry technologies places a limitation on the success of certain verticals and brands. This especially rings true for industries traditionally built on in-store purchases.
During the 2015 Automotive News World Congress conference in January, a panel of auto industry experts discussed the necessity for better adoption of online tools to improve customer satisfaction in the auto industry. Jared Rowe, president of car-shopping site, said that the average vehicle shopper visits almost nine sites before buying a car and that mobile vehicle consumers are demanding thorough, easy-to-navigate websites.
In order to best attract and convert car shoppers — or any online consumer — marketers must adopt a few key strategies to ensure that time spent online effectively pushes consumers t…

Amazing Ways Marketers Can Use First-Party Data

In the first article in this series, I introduced the concept of sharing data in your digital marketing channels. To dive even further into the data landscape, let’s explore first-party data — what it is and how you can use it.
First-party data is information you own — data about users and their interactions directly with your brand that you get by tracking your own properties, not via another vendor.
This will typically include data collected when users are browsing your website, using your app, or when they become customers and hand over their name and address information.
Let’s examine them each in turn.
Web Analytics
This is an easy one, because you’re almost certainly already doing this. You have a few decisions to make about how to do it, though.
Most Web analytics packages use page-tagging methods — for instance, a snippet of JavaScript that collects the relevant information, then adjusts the page load so that the browser loads a single pixel image.
Within the URL that image is reques…

Twitter Launches Periscope, Its Live-Streaming Meerkat Competitor

While Meerkat stole all the headlines at this years SXSW, Twitter is battling back hard with its own polished product, Periscope. Twitter purchased Periscope back in January and has been refining the the functionality of its live streaming.

The live-stream social app possesses the allure of live, unfiltered communication, and the popularity of Meerkat may have had Twitter spooked. The boom in popularity and buzz around Meerkat, resulted in with Twitter pulling the social graph access pulled out from under their legs, limiting the effectiveness and the native experience. However, all may have been for naught as Twitter’s iteration that was just launched on iOS is an extremely polished and sexy piece of technology.
Periscope has the feeling of a fully fleshed out working app — not just an idea and proof of concept. The UI is beautiful and the functionality is fully operational. One of the biggest differences between Periscope and Meerkat is the ability for users to replay streams on Peris…

Facebook Turns Messenger Into A Customer Service, Commerce Channel

Today at Facebook’s developer conference F8 the company announced, among other things, Messenger Platform, which opens up the app to third party publisher and developers. As one feature of Messenger Platform, Facebook also introduced what it’s calling “Messenger for Business.”
The objective is to “reinvent the way people communicate and interact with businesses.” Initial integrations include e-commerce sites Everlane and Zulily. Customer service software provider Zendesk is also supporting the platform.
Facebook isn’t limiting the program to e-commerce; it wants to make Messenger a customer service/live chant channel for all kinds of businesses. For now the focus, however, is on enterprises. Small businesses have access to similar messaging functionality through their existing Pages.

There are different technical integrations and specifications behind the scenes. But what Messenger for Business is intended to do is replace email and provide real-time business-customer interaction and ric…

Facebook Launches App Analytics At F8 Developers Conference

One of the many announcements coming out of Facebook’s F8 conference for developers today is Facebook Analytics for Apps, a free service that Facebook says can help developers in several ways.
The analytics tool is available today for apps that are logging App Events, which Facebook says is 87 percent of the top-grossing apps in the U.S. Developers that aren’t doing that but want to start can head over to Facebook’s developer documentation to get started.
From Facebook’s announcement, here’s an overview of what Analytics for Apps offers:


People now use multiple devices to interact with businesses across apps and websites, and Facebook Analytics for Apps can help developers and marketers understand their traffic across these devices, which in turn can help them improve performance.

You can look at segments, or groups of people who have certain characteristics, like women or people using Android phones. You can then look at metrics for these groups to see how they use yo…

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015: New Market Intelligence Report

Our sister site Digital Marketing Depot has just published a new Market Intelligence Report, “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015.”
You may have noticed the increasing number of options for automating marketing tasks such as landing page development, email marketing, lead nurturing, tracking website visitors and analyzing results. This 46-page report will help you navigate those choices and make a more informed decision about the current market of B2B marketing automation vendors.
This guide analyzes the current market for marketing automation platforms including the types of vendors serving the market and the capabilities available. If you are considering licensing a marketing automation platform, this guide will help you decide whether or not you need to. It provides recommended steps for evaluating which is best for your business and contains profiles of leading vendors.
Click here to download your copy.
The post B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015: New Market Intelligence Repo…

Live Blog: The Facebook F8 Opening Keynote

Hello from F8, Facebook’s annual developers conference. The event kicks-off at 10am PT with an opening keynote that, yes, will include an appearance by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Our live blog below starts when the keynote itself gets going.

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Report: Facebook Is Experimenting With Continuous Autoplay For Video

The autoplay video hits keep coming. Facebook is testing a new wrinkle in its video offering: a feature that automatically plays another video after the one you are watching ends.
The test, reported this morning by Recode, is being shown to some users on iOS and Android devices.
It’s a move beyond recommended video, which Facebook introduced last September, and different than autoplay in the News Feed which has been in place for well over a year.
From the Recode story:

In this new test, if you don’t click on a “related video” after a certain amount of time following the end of your video (Facebook is testing different lengths), the next video in the queue will start playing on its own.

The feature is similar to how Netflix queues up and plays the next suggested video and seems likely, if fully rolled out, to add further to Facebook’s surging video views. The company reported in January that videos are getting 3 billion views a day on the network, three times more than in September.

Forecast: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Digital Ad Spending To Be Mobile By 2019

Forecaster eMarketer has projected that this year mobile ad spending in the US will effectively reach parity with the desktop. By 2019, the company says, mobile advertising will represent 72 percent of all US digital ad spending.
If time spent and ad spend were in alignment, mobile advertising would already be worth more than spending on PC-based advertising. However that’s not the case.

According to eMarketer’s forecast mobile display spending will exceed search this year and continue to widen the gap throughout the forecast period. Here’s what the numbers look like in 2015 and 2019 according to the company’s estimates:

Mobile display: $14.7 billion
Mobile search: $12.9 billion


Mobile display: $34 billion
Mobile search: $28.4 billion

Ad spending within apps will outpace the mobile web by almost 3X according to the eMarketer projection. In 2015 the company expects almost $21 billion in in-app ad spending vs. just under $8 billion for the mobile web. At the end of the forecast period …

Why True Programmatic TV Isn’t Coming Just Yet

Considering how quickly programmatic ad buying has changed online advertising, it’s perhaps not surprising that some are already predicting that it will soon disrupt TV advertising as well.
To be sure, “programmatic” will one day gain a big foothold in TV, and, when it does, both brands and consumers will benefit from the better targeting and improved efficiency.
But, for two very fundamental reasons, truly programmatic ads on TV are still quite a ways off. TV, as we know it, isn’t nearly as close to collapse as some people think. And, contrary to what is sometimes reported, the infrastructure for full-fledged programmatic ads on TV simply doesn’t exist at this time.
TV As We Know It Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon
For the more digital savvy, it’s not hard to imagine today’s TV model disappearing altogether in the not-so-distant future. The combination of set-top boxes and streaming services has made sitting down to watch a particular show at a certain time feel almost old-fashioned to many…

Keynote-level Presentations. Solutions. Networking. Join Us Next Week at MarTech

Join the pioneering community at the intersection of marketing and technology. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference starts next Tuesday, March 31.
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Keynote-level presentations and lively panel discussions that guide your selection of marketing technologies, implement results-delivering processes, and develop martech-savvy people and organizations.
60+ marketing technology companies providing solutions ranging from marketing clouds to single-function point solutions.
Networking with others who speak your language and share your passion for marketing technology.

Join us for two incredible days of inspiration and actionable takeaways. Attend all the sessions, networking events, expo hall, lunches and more for just $1595 when you pre-register.
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The post Keynote-level Presentations. Solu…

2 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Blog From Brute Force Hacking

Being a blogger it is obvious that you are much concerned about the blog security. We all like to keep our blogs secure against the hackers. Wordpress users are lucky enough that there are several security plugins and other template tweaks to safeguard the blog from hacking attempts. One of them is changing the default wordpress username 'admin'
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Report: Brandwatch Is Top Rated Social Monitoring Platform

In an always-on world, social media listening is a noisy process.
Therefore, many marketers turn to social media listening platforms that promise to help them effectively and productively turn the avalanche of social data into useful intelligence. Such platforms typically monitor keyword usage and brand mentions on the social Internet, giving business a window on consumer sentiment and the ability to react quickly to customer feedback.
It’s a crowded marketplace — this wiki lists 230 vendors and likely isn’t fully inclusive — but G2 Crowd is working to narrow it down a bit with its Spring 2015 report released this week.
And drawing from data from 400 reviews by business professionals, G2 Crowd ranked Brandwatch as the top rated social listening platform. Brandwatch was the only vendor to receive a “Leader” rating, which combines high user satisfaction with large market share.
Brandwatch, based in Brighton, England, received highest customer satisfaction score — 97 out of 100, normalized t…

Highlights Of The FTC Staff Report On Google Antitrust Investigation

The Wall Street Journal has released the full report it received of a 2012 FTC staff report investigating Google on antitrust allegations. By “full” that is half the report it received — the FTC mistakenly sent it every other page out of a report meant to be private.
You can find the document here on the WSJ site. We’re still going through it ourselves for follow-up stories. But Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan did a live tweet of the highlights earlier, which are rounded-up below:

The FTC & EU have closely shared info on investigating Google on antitrust issues
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) March 25, 2015

Facebook may have raised antitrust concerns Google+ results came ahead of Facebook. See also
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) March 25, 2015

Google confirms watching clicks to evaluate results quality. FYI Google still won't say if clicks used as rank signal…

Unruly Launches Custom Audiences To Improve Video Ad Targeting

Unruly has announced a new video ad targeting product called Unruly Custom Audiences. The idea is to help video advertisers find audiences that are likely to emotionally engage with a specific ad.
Custom Audiences relies on data from ShareRank, Unruly’s predictive algorithm based on 1.3 trillion tracked video views and more than 250,000 consumer data points. With that data, ads can be shown to consumers that are most likely to have an emotional connection to a video ad.
In the company’s news release, Unruly CEO Scott Button says:

“Consumers who are more emotionally engaged with a branded video are more likely to share the video, more likely to remember the brand, and more likely to buy the product. For marketers, this means more engagement, more earned media and, ultimately, more sales. Digital marketers recognize that even the highest quality content needs to be paired with a repeatable, scalable distribution strategy and that’s why we’ve mapped our content evaluation dataset to our dis…