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September 2015 Blog Income & Traffic: ShoutMeLoud Transparency Report

Howdy Shouter,

How are you doing? This is the time of the month when I publish income & traffic report that reflects ShoutMeLoud transparent culture & give new ideas to you about things that are working. If you are new here, you should read this guide to understand why I publish income & traffic report every month.

Here you can check out the complete archive of blogging income reports that I have been publishing from last six years. Yah! It’s been that long. So before we get started with this, I believe you wanted to know about what happened in our epic All India road trip (ShoutMeet).

ShoutMeet: A big change in my blogging career

When I thought of ShoutMeet, it was just an idea to connect with bloggers in various cities. To understand & more important build a stronger community of bloggers & ShoutMeLoud readers. I was not expecting such great response & let me be honest; I’m overwhelmed with the kind of attention ShoutMeet received in every state of India. The kind of enthusiasm all blogger had for this meet & more important all of them were very happy to connect with fellow bloggers from the city.

I met more than 400 bloggers in this trip & learned many things about building community. As Srikanth mentioned in his earlier article, Travel changes you & I guess you can count me as a living proof of it does. What’s coming next is going to be great & for now you need to hold your breath & keep a close eye on what’s happening around ShoutMeLoud blogging community.

Thanks to premium brand that collaborated with us:

ShoutMeet was complete not for profit event, but I reached out to few brand that I know of & many of them gladly sponsored one thing or another to encourage the blogging community. Here are some of the brands:

  • Airtel: They sponsored their 4G Wi-Fi dongle & throughout the trip we were connected with the internet. At times, I also blogged while traveling & you can see few posts at
  • Hostgator India: Hostgator India team sponsored 20 hosting accounts that costed about INR 80,000 & I believe hosting is the first roadblock for any new blogger. I’m sure these 20 hosting account would change the life of few of them in coming months.
  • SocialPilot: SocialPilot is a social media automation tool like BufferApp & is pretty popular. They sponsored their popular premium plan for six months & we gave away a total of 50 licenses.
  • Magazine3: Magazine3 is a popular WordPress premium theme company based in Hyderabad & they sponsored about 30 premium theme license & every license is worth $59. You can do the math!

I also gave you a couple of copies of ShoutMeLoud Affiliate marketing eBook that is getting ravishing reviews from the readers. I have shared a review video by a buyer at the end of this transparency report.

Thanks to our host:


Needless to say, this drive wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing host in all the cities & various states. Thanks to Hemant Beniwal, Jaydip, Rahul Banker, Pranay,  Amit Kumar, Shakthi, Pradeep, Nirmala, Abhishek Daga, Mohammed Kaludi, Ahmed Kaludi & Shiwangi.

Overall, ShoutMeet gave me a new perspective towards blogging & how people in various states are inclined towards blogging. I will share these details in new future as there is a lot to talk about it for now, I could say

ShoutMeet was a huge success & an initiative I would love to continue doing in coming time.

For now, let’s look at our last month traffic report & it would be good to know if publishing less new articles can drive same traffic or not. We published only 15 article in the month of September (Usually we publish one article a day), so it’s 50% less than our regular publishing schedule.

September traffic report: September 2015

ShoutMeLoud Blog September 2015 traffic

I’m eagerly waiting for the day when ShoutMeLoud will hit the 1 million pageviews without including mobile app & forum. Compare to last month report, this month we received 85K more page-views.

Mobile app traffic & something new:

As I said earlier that mobile app is going to be future for all big brands & content marketers. I’m proud to share that we have also released an Android & iOS app for ShoutMeHindi. The big news here is, we have successfully enabled deep link for ShoutMeHindi Android app. Once all the test is done, we will be doing the same for ShoutMeLoud Android app. God knows, how great that would be in near future, for now it’s good to have latest mobile app SEO feature for our app.

Mobile app traffic sep 2015

In the above screenshot you can see the mobile app traffic report for last month. Due to some technical glitch, our push notifications didn’t work as it was supposed to, and you could see the effect in the overall mobile app traffic.

ShoutMeLoud Forum traffic:

Bloggers Forum September 2015

When I started the ShoutMeLoud Forum, the only goal was to give a platform for bloggers to engage & help each other. Even though I have to spend $100/month for the forum that is not generating any direct revenue, but it’s serving the bigger purpose & that is helping the bloggers to connect with the community.

Thanks to all the community member & especially to these top Shouter for being the most helpful community member.

ShoutMeLoud Forum



September 2015 Earning report:

I missed a lot of great opportunities by being on the road for 16 days. In the past, I have traveled like a DigitalNomad for 12 days & had no problem communicating with people. But this time it was different, as covering 6800KM by road in 16 days was tiring. This affected overall monthly revenue but as I told you before, one of the benefits of blogging is; you can earn money on auto-pilot. So, let’s see how much monthly revenue got affected without actively working for more than two weeks.

Total: $16877 (Approx. 11 Lakh)

Monthly Expenses:

  • Article Writers: $700
  • ShoutMeet: $2350
  • Camera Lens: $1211 (Purchased 2 new lens for Nikon DSLR)
  • ShoutMydomain: $1533
  • Broadband: $107
  • Aweber: $156
  • Slack: $9.18
  • ShoutMeLoud Forum: $100
  • Kinsta Hosting: $157

Total: $6323 (INR 4,12,379)

Net-income: $10,554 ( INR 6,88,320)

Overall revenue was better than August income report & I’m hopeful that upcoming months would be better.

As promised, here is a detailed review of ShoutMeLoud Affiliate marketing eBook by one of the reader:

You can buy this eBook from any of the three places:

  1. Buy from ShoutMeLoud
  2. Buy from GumRoad using PayPal
  3. Buy from Instamojo using NetBanking

Now it’s your turn to let me know how was your last month traffic & income report. What all new things you tried which worked for you. Share your learning & experiences with all of us in the comment section below.

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