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Survey: 65% Of Marketers Plan To Spend More On Marketing Technology In 2015

In an attempt to better understand how marketers plan to succeed during the coming year, web presence management firm Conductor surveyed 182 B2B, B2C and agency marketing executives on four core marketing areas: technology, data, content research and cross-department support.
The survey revealed 65 percent of the survey participants plan on investing more in marketing technology during 2015, with 28 percent planning to spend “significantly” more.
Do you anticipate spending more, less or the same on marketing technology in the coming year?

When considering the role of data in the decision-making process, 61 percent of the marketers surveyed said data is more important now than it was 12 months ago.
Organizations that still make content decisions based on “gut feeling” need to step back and re-evaluate.
Conductor emphasized the growing role of data within marketing, claiming: “From content to SEO to social, data serves as the foundation for everything. It measures tactics, identifies opportu…

MarTech San Francisco 2015 Rates Increase Next Week

Join the MarTech Conference community shaping the future of technology-powered marketing… and marketing management. Don’t miss this year’s only North American edition of MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference, March 31 – April 1 in San Francisco. You save $400 by registering before the lowest rates expire next week.
2015 promises to be a year of simultaneous consolidation and expansion in marketing technology, as marketing cloud platforms and over a 1,000 martech start-ups vie to shape that landscape and define how modern marketing gets done.
At MarTech, you’ll hear from digital marketing and marketing technology leaders responsible for building the marketing technology capability in their organizations. We’ll dig deep into the use of marketing technology to transform customer experience through marketing automation, web experience management, customer data platforms and more.
And we’ll explore the hottest upcoming opportunities through insightful presentations from several VC and M&…

Prosperent For Affiliates – Performance Based Ad Network

With the growing number of online merchants, signing up for an individual affiliate program is a headache. In the past I have talked about Viglink (Here) and Skimlinks which ease out the biggest pain of affiliate marketing. Today I have one more similar program with a twist call Prosperent which works same as Viglink but […]
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Twitter Suffers Outage; Now Who Will Hear Our Complaints?

Twitter is experiencing a significant outage tonight. Since about about 8 p.m. Eastern time, many users’ timelines haven’t been updating on the web and mobile apps.
Twitter posted an update at 8:50 p.m. on its status blog:

We are currently experience an issue with tweeting and a delay in timelines. Our engineers are currently working on this issue.

Interestingly, it appears that many people are still able to tweet. And tweet their complaints about Twitter being down. But because of the outage, those complaints don’t have an audience. Unless you turn to Twitter search.

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What Twitter Is Currently Doing — And Not Doing — With Video

Sometime in the first half of 2015, Twitter will give users the ability to upload native video to the platform.
Just not yet. And the company is still keeping its video plans under wraps.
There’s some confusion about that fact after reports late last week indicated that details about Twitter’s video plans had been leaked on a Twitter FAQ page. It turns out, however, that the FAQ was related to Twitter’s current video offerings, which give a select group of advertisers using the Amplify program, publishing partners and verified users access to upload videos directly to the site.
Such features have been available since last March. Twitter ramped up the program in August and gave more partners access to If you go to that site, you can request access. And you can see how native video currently looks on Twitter; just search for amp.twimg. Here’s a recent example from CNBC:

This county has some of the most gorgeous landscapes, but could it also power all of Europe? http://t.c…

61 million customer records stolen in 2014; it’s who do you trust time

Every time you sell something, you’re asking a customer to trust you with their personal information; address, phone number, credit card number, personal preferences. So what happens when there’s a security breach and you have to tell that customer that their credit card number is now in the hands of the bad guys. . . ? That’s a business nightmare that can cause irreparable harm to your reputation and in turn, your bottom line. Who’s going to trust you with their credit card info today when you leaked 10,000 card numbers a week ago?
IBM security researchers just released a report that has both good news and bad news for retailers. On the upside, they noted a 50% decline in the number of cyber attacks against US retailers in 2014.
But before you order the champagne, listen to this; cyber attackers got away with 61 million records last year — a near record high.
The larger bounty from each strike tells IBM that hackers are getting better at what they do. Instead of having to hit a dozen re…

Google to marketers: Life is about to get even faster

When I started out as a freelance writer, I was writing Christmas articles in July and covering new TV shows before the old season had ended. That was pace of magazine publishing – 3 month lead time or more.
Now, I write and an hour later my work is available for everyone to read.
The timeline for marketers has changed, too. Sure, you can sit down this week and map out a plan for the year – and you probably should – but it’s going to change drastically and rapidly as the way we connect with the world continues to change in 2015.
Think with Google put together an infographic showing the path of the three biggest tech trends in marketing.

It starts with “connected life platforms are emerging.” This is all about tech devices talking to other devices to make your life easier or better. Searches for “wearable tech” tripled last year with an emphasis on fitness devices. How does this connect to marketing? Suppose that device that tracks how far you ran every day could also be configured to reco…

Getting More Out Of AdWords Scripts: A Three-Part Series

AdWords Scripts. The mere mention of them may cause glassy eyes, chest flutters or shoulder shrug. Scripts can be powerful tools for automating routine account tasks and reporting, but particularly for marketers without programming backgrounds, they are more often sources of confusion or kind of cool “tricks” with little practical application.
If you’re curious about how to get more out of AdWords Scripts — either on your own or with a developer — check out the three-part series on our sister site, Search Engine Land.
In part one, we start from the beginning, breaking down a script to its most basic elements then putting it all back together. Grasping the fundamentals will allow you to make simple adjustments to existing scripts and help you speak the same language when working with a programmer on more advanced or custom Scripts.
AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 1, Learning How To Read Scripts
Part two goes a step further in editing, covers helpful tips for troubleshooting and looks…

Cosmo Magazine Reports Facebook Video Engagement Rates Climbed 200% Year-Over-Year

Cosmo Magazine is joining the long list of brands experiencing significant results with its Facebook video content.
After seeing a swift increase in video engagement rates on the social network last year, the brand launched Hacksmopolitan, a Facebook-exclusive video series.
“We know our millennial reader is checking Facebook regularly, and so we wanted to create short, funny, and shareable videos tailor-made for her to watch right in her News Feed,” claimed’s editor Amy Odell in a post on Facebook’s media blog.
According to Odell, Cosmo’s Hacksmopolitan videos generated 53 percent more shares than other posts on Cosmo’s Facebook page.
Hearst Digital’s vice president of audience Brian Madden works with’s editorial leadership and social teams on video strategy and overall audience growth. Madden says Cosmo’s Facebook video engagement rates climbed to nearly 2.5 million engagements in November, up more than 200 percent year over year.
In an interview conduct…