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Microsoft Rolling Out Ads On MSN Apps For iOS And Android

About a month after rolling out a set of vertical apps under the MSN banner, Microsoft is rolling out in-app advertising. The apps, which are available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices, include News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness and Food & Drink, aggregating content from more than 1,000 publishing partners.
Brands and agencies can begin purchasing ads starting today in 24 of the 56 markets in which MSN Apps are available. The ad formats are limited to the standard 320 x 50 smartphone unit and 300 x 50 tablet unit.
Users can synch their MSN preferences across devices, which in turn lends advertisers cross-device and -platform targeting options. That means ad campaigns don’t have to be siloed to mobile-only or within the separate Android or iOS ecosystems.
“Advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach their audience in the right context and mindset, with targeted advertising across multiple screens and platforms,” said Greg Nelson, head of display advertising at Mic…

Nissan Marketing VP Says Nelson Mandela Was His Biggest Inspiration: “His Approach To Leadership…Just Blew Me Away”

As Nissan Motor Company’s corporate vice president, global head of marketing and brand strategy, Roel de Vries is focused on further strengthening the value of Nissan’s brands.
“I work with the marketing teams in our headquarters in Japan and in the regions to clearly position our brands Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun,” said de Vries, “I also spend a lot of my time with other departments in our organization to make sure the brand is clearly embedded in everything we do.”
During his 20-year tenure with Nissan, de Vries has worked in Amsterdam, South Africa, and now at Nissan’s corporate headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.
“I’m grateful of having had the opportunity to look at so many different aspects and geographies of the Nissan business during my time with the company,” said de Vries.
My biggest achievements are to be able to be part of and manage multicultural international teams which have an impact on the success of our organization and brands.
As a Dutch national, de Vries studied industri…

4 Videos That Get Cause Marketing Right

“We’re in business to help improve lives.”
If you hadn’t heard of TOMS, you might find this an unlikely slogan for a trendy shoe and apparel company. But I’m betting that you’re familiar with the company and the concept that has made it memorable: to help one person in need for every product purchased.
The company’s “One for One” mantra has resonated with consumers, and the cause marketing success story earned TOMS a $625M valuation when Bain acquired 50% of the company in August 2014.
There’s a reason that products like TOMS can charge slightly more than competitors and remain successful. It’s the same reason that checkout charities in eBay, WalMart, McDonald’s, and other retailers raised more than $358M in 2012.
Customers are eager to feel that their shopping habits are doing more than just fulfilling material needs; when all that’s required is a few extra dollars or a different brand choice, they’re willing to spend in a way that supports causes they care about.
Causes aren’t limited to…

Google Goes All In On “Viewability” For Display And YouTube Ads

Google has already embraced viewability (“ActiveView”) as a standard for its display ad network. Now it’s taking steps to do so for video advertising served via DoubleClick and on YouTube.
The company announced today at CES in Las Vegas that later this year it will begin reporting viewability metrics for DoubleClick users and selected YouTube advertisers. It will only be available at first for “reserved inventory” on YouTube (PC and mobile). However later this year Google will offer the ability to “buy only viewable video impressions across the Google Display Network.”
Google explained in its blog post:

[I]n the coming days, we will start to offer viewability reporting for video campaigns available to all marketers and publishers using our DoubleClick platforms, as well as for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. We’ll soon have this capability for reserved inventory on YouTube as well (including all of Google Preferred) across desktop and app views, a significant addition with so much viewershi…

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