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Install WordPress Offline in Windows Using EasyPHP DevServer

Tutorial shows how to install WordPress platform on your Windows PC or Laptop for offline use. Ever thought of having a WordPress blog installed locally on your computer’s hard drive ? WordPress is perhaps the best platform for Blogging till date. If you are a newbie in the blogosphere, you should definitely learn basics of […]
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Facebook Shares More Evidence That Facebook Video Is Really Big

By now there’s no doubt that Facebook is a major player in the online video world.
Every day Facebook users watch more than a billion clips on the social network. There’s evidence that Facebook is closing in on YouTube as the No. 1 place for marketers to post their videos. In October, comScore reported that on desktop Facebook has surpassed Google’s platform in monthly video views.
Today, Facebook added a bit more evidence, reporting a 75% increase since last year in the number of videos being uploaded on its network. That figure is higher in the United States, 94%, likely driven by the viral heat of the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer.
Raw numbers weren’t forthcoming — Facebook released the percentages in a blog post intended to coach video creators in how to make their videos stand out — but it’s clear that Facebook’s video-favoring adjustments to the News Feed are working. It said that the amount of video in users’ feeds has increased 360% globally and that more than 50% of daily use…

Next stop, ads on your Apple Watch

With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing, everyone is talking about the future of wearables. The category includes a variety of devices you wear on your wrist, around your neck or pinned to your clothes. It also includes clothes and shoes that process data or simply react to your surroundings.
Many wearables are just for fun but. . . in what seems to be a running theme this week. . more and more of them are poised to have a real impact on our lives.
The one to watch is the Apple Watch. This device is expected to hit stores in March and it could be day one of a huge new trend in mobile. Really, it could be iPhone big because it’s basically everything you want in an iPhone in a handier carrying case.
When you think about the fact that most smartphone owners never leave home without it, the Apple Watch makes total sense. Instead of having to constantly reach into your pocket, you just lift your arm to see an incoming text, get directions, or grab a coupon for a free cup of coffee.

More than game play: Study shows shopping app usage up 174 percent

Yesterday, I talked about how social media isn’t just for entertainment anymore. A recent Harris Poll shows that more people are using social to find jobs, homes and all the things they need to get along in life.
Looks like the same can now be said for mobile app usage. According to Flurry Analytics, overall app usage in 2014 grew 76%. In the past, a lot of the growth came from entertainment and messaging apps, but this year it was shopping apps that pushed the bar to the top of the graph.
When you combine all shopping app opens (“a session”) on both iOS and Android apps, you’ll see 174% growth year-over-year. (Note that on iOS devices, “Lifestyle” apps are part of this category.)
If you pull out just the Android stats, we’re looking at a 220% increase in shopping app usage. That’s crazy.
Drilling down into the data we see that shopping apps are used both at home and on the road.

Flurry noted a flurry of activity between 9 am and noon but more often from a zip code that wasn’t home. Home u…

Google, Samsung Make Top Brands List For Video Advertising

Google and Samsung are among the best brands in the crowded and competitive field of video advertising.
Those two companies are among the twenty to make the annual Ace Metrix Brands of the Year list, which is based on the video analytics firm’s “Ace Score” mesasurements. The full list of top brands covers a wide range of categories from Apparel and Beer to Insurance and Restaurants — all among the most competitive industries for video advertising.
Google picked up its second straight win in the Software & Websites category. Ace says Google debuted eight of the 20 best ads in the category, including the recent “Year In Search 2014″ ad that scored 37 percent above the category average. It currently has more than 17 million views on YouTube in about three weeks since its release.

Samsung was missing in the 2013 top brands list, but picked up wins last year in both the Technology Hardware and Mobile Devices categories. Samsing had 12 of the top 20 ads in the latter category, including th…

Twitter Returns Bing Translator To TweetDeck

Twitter on-again-off-again relationship with Bing Translator is on again.
The company recently returned the feature to TweetDeck, giving users the ability to read quick (albeit inexact) translations of tweets in foreign languages. That’s especially useful during international news events such as today’s terrorist attack in Paris and plays into Twitter’s ambitions to be a global public square.

Translations are accessed a “Translate Tweet” link that appears on tweets that Twitter identifies as not in the users’ native language. Users who click on the link get an instant translation.
Judging from stray comments on Twitter — “oh hey tweet translator by bing is back” — the feature returned sometime around the first of the year. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the relaunch for all TweetDeck users, but declined to comment further.
Twitter has been experimenting with Bing translations since July 2013 and briefly rolled it out to its iOS and Android apps in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (an …