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Microsoft’s IE Sees Mysterious Usage Spike, Overtakes Google Chrome

Microsoft’s new “Spartan” (code name) browser will reportedly launch with Windows 10, according to several sources. It will add a range of advanced features and may make a clean break with the current Internet Explorer (IE).
Rumors and hearsay have indicated the following about the new browser, which may or may not carry the IE brand:

It will more closely resemble Chrome and Firefox
It will incorporate Cortana
It will incorporate “grouped tabs”
It will allow users to annotate websites/pages
It will work across platforms and devices

As Microsoft is preparing the new browser, the current IE has shown new life according to data from StatCounter. They show a massive usage spike since November in the US market. IE has thus retaken the browser lead from Chrome.

This is all about the PC given that Microsoft has such a small share of mobile device traffic.
I asked Microsoft to comment on the StatCounter data and the company declined. StatCounter is investigating. I will update this post if the company…

Google Narrows Facebook’s Social Login Lead In Janrain’s Q4 Report

Google cut into Facebook’s lead in the social login market in the fourth quarter of 2014, according to data released today by online customer management firm Janrain.
After gaining share for two consecutive quarters, Facebook dropped 3 percentage points to 43% in Q4. That’s only 3 points above Google’s 40%, the closest margin since Facebook took the lead in Janrain’s data in the first quarter of 2011. Google’s Q4 increase was 6 percentage points.
So what’s going on?
Jamie Beckland, Janrain’s vice president of marketing, said Google’s gains can be attributed to the company’s efforts to unify identity across products such as Gmail, YouTube, Android and Google+, “making it a lot stickier for those customers who use one or more of their services.”
Beckland continued: “At the same time, Facebook made headlines throughout 2014 around issues like data privacy — which may have contributed to some social login users choosing to go with another identity provider for lack of understanding how their …

Design Thinking for The New Age Blogger!

Remember people talking about how the left brain rules logic and right brain rules creativity? What if there was a way to exercise both parts of your brain while running your Blog? If you have been following the business news, a lot of organizations are moving towards a concept called ‘Design Thinking’. Organizations like Infosys […]
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Report: Facebook’s Mobile Reach Declines But Its Messernger App Soars

Denys Prykhodov /

This evening comScore reported November US smartphone market share estimates. As with PC search market share, the numbers now are relatively stable and unchanged from month to month. Apple remains the leading individual smartphone maker and Android is the operating system leader.
According to comScore, nearly 74 percent (73.6 percent) of US mobile subscribers now have smartphones. Below is a comparison of comScore smartphone market share numbers from November 2014 and a year ago.
Source: comScore
Previously Kantar Worldpanel ComTech indicated that Apple had gained market share against Android during November via the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Both comScore and Kantar rely on surveys to extrapolate market share figures.
StatCounter reflects that the iPhone drives just under 52 percent of US mobile internet traffic while Android is responsible for 45 percent. Windows and all others generate roughly 3 percent of mobile internet traffic.
Below is a comparison (comSc…

Google gives up search percent to Yahoo! Keep calm and search on

Google Search Share Drops After Firefox Switch!
Yahoo U.S. Search Share Surges On Mozilla Move!
Yahoo takes a big bite out of Google’s search share, catching up to Bing!
Cats and dogs living together. . . mass hysteria!
Stop. Take a breath. It’s not the end of the internet as we know it, it’s just a slight shift in the search force that’s so new and different it has journalists all riled up.
Here’s what’s really going on. In November of 2014, Mozilla announced that for the first time in 10 years, Yahoo was going to be the default search engine on Firefox.
On December 1, Google handed the baton over to Yahoo and people who didn’t know how to switch their default engine began searching through the site most people thought had died out with GeoCities and the original MySpace.
As a result, this happened: (courtesy of StatCounter)

Google fell to the lowest monthly share since StatCounter started stat counting back in 2008. Yahoo soared to heights it hasn’t seen since 2010. Bing had a small gain bu…

How Facebook plans to get a piece of the 7 billion dollar video pie

This year, marketers will likely spend close to $7.8 billion dollars on online video advertising. This is up 30% over last year and eMarketer says the number will continue to climb hitting $12 billion by 2018.
Facebook wants a piece of this pie — a large piece and Fidji Simo is the woman tasked with the job of getting it done. As Facebook’s director in charge of video, it’s her job to find that delicate balance between pleasing advertisers and pleasing users. Tough spot.
There’s no question that video is becoming a huge part of the Facebook experience. Facebook posted a report yesterday that calls videos and images “the new universal language.” Instead of writing a text post, users are just as likely to upload a video message or an image they took right then and there. With a smartphone in hand, images and video are easier to post than typing your way around that damn autocorrect. And they’re much more engaging.
Facebook says;

The number of video posts per person has increased 75% globall…

Newcastle Brown Ale Ad Spoofs Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” Contest

Newcastle Brown Ale is getting a head start on the Super Bowl advertising bandwagon, launching an ad that spoofs this year’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest from Doritos.
In response to Doritos request for filmmakers to produce and submit video ads for the brand’s Super Bowl spot this year, the beer company has created a video highlighting its own product.
A Newcastle Brown Ale spokesperson told AdWeek, “We had such a good time almost making that Huge Sports Match ad last year, we decided we’d stop at nothing to finally make our way into the Really Large American Football Contest in 2015. Even if we still can’t afford it.”
Last year, Newcastle proved its advertising savvy with its “If We Made It” campaign, a series of video ads demonstrating what the brand could have produced if it had the money to create a big budget Super Bowl ad.
The brand’s entry into this year’s Super Bowl advertising mayhem continues its ingenious marketing strategy to make big waves without the big dollars. With ext…

U.S. Holiday Desktop E-Commerce Sales Up 15% In 2014 Resulting In Another Big Year For Online Retailers [ComScore]

According to comScore’s latest reports, this past holiday season proved to be another gangbuster two months for online retailers. Desktop e-commerce sales increased 15 percent over 2013′s November and December sales results, reaching more than $53 billion in sales for the 2014 holiday season.
Online desktop sales occurring between November 1 and December 31 was up more than $6 billion compared to the $46.5 billion spent in 2013.
ComScore’s chairman and emeritus Gian Fulgoni noted that e-commerce sales exceeded his company’s predictions.
Despite a shortened holiday calendar between Thanksgiving and Christmas and erroneous reports of flogging holiday sales, the American consumer proved resilient and flexed their spending muscle online this year.
“The 2014 online holiday shopping season was very strong overall as spending slightly exceeded our fairly optimistic forecast heading into the season,” said Fulgoni.
ComScore broke down the holiday e-commerce sales results by day and year to reveal C…

Brands And Retailers: If You Don’t Get Mobile Right Soon, You’re Screwed

If nothing else holiday 2014 drove home the importance of mobile as a shopping tool. Mobile traffic numbers and even mobile e-commerce sales beat expectations, according to data from multiple sources.
As one example, IBM reported the following US holiday traffic and sales figures:

Mobile traffic: 45 percent of all online traffic for the 2014 holiday season
Mobile sales : 22.6 percent of all online sales for the 2014 holiday season; smartphones drove 31.2 percent of total online traffic vs. 13.4 percent for tablets
Tablet accounted for 13.4 percent of online sales vs. smartphones, which accounted for 9.1 percent of total online sales

Source: IBM (2015)
Flurry (now part of Yahoo) also reported earlier this week that apps in the shopping category saw the most growth of the many app categories the company is tracking. Smartphones in particular are now hugely influential on buying behavior, although the ultimate transaction usually occurs on a PC or even more often offline.

According to Flurry mo…