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Doritos Takes The Lead On Search With “Crash The Super Bowl” Campaign

At $4 million for a 30 second ad spot, Super Bowl advertisers have been getting savvier at extending their campaigns to the weeks leading up to the big game. Last season we saw Bud Light, Volkswagen, Toyota, Butterfinger and other brands use paid search to promote their Super Bowl outlay. Doritos is ahead of the pack this year.
Doritos is the first 2015 Super Bowl advertiser to bring its campaign to Google, Bing and Yahoo search results for Super Bowl related queries. While other brands are still keeping their ads underwraps, Doritos is soliciting votes for its “Crash The Super Bowl 2015″ ad finalists. On Google, we’ve seen the “Crash The Super Bowl 2015″ ads start to appear on several Super Bowl ad-related queries. On Bing the ads also show on [super bowl].

For the ninth year in a row, the Frito-Lay brand asked people to create a 30-second Doritos ad as part of its “Crash The Super Bowl” contest in which the grand prize winner will go to the Super Bowl, see their ad air during the game…

Brands Cozy Up To College Football Audience, But Bob Newhart Has The Winning Tweet

It wasn’t quite a Super Bowl, or even a super night of witty real-time marketing but college football’s national championship game Monday night turned out to be a nice warmup for the upcoming bigger game.
The college football championship presented a larger target this year, given that it was the culmination of the NCAA’s first playoffs for major college football, following semifinal games on New Year’s Day that each drew a record cable-television audience of more than 28 million.
There was no obvious or overwhelming winner among the handful of brands that joined the conversation of Twitter during the game, which was won 42-20 by Ohio State.
Turnovers — Ohio State gave up the ball four times in the first half — got most of the attention early with Arby’s and Men’s Humor weighing with pastry jibes (that are becoming standard fare for football games):

This #OREvsOSU game brought to you by…
— Men's Humor (@MensHumor) January 13, 2015

When this game started we thought …

Report: Twitter Planning New Home Page For Logged-Out Visitors

Twitter plans to offer logged-out visitors a new home page, according to a story in AdAge today.
The company showed off demos of the the page to media buyers last week at CES in Las Vegas. The home page, according to AdAge, will include ad products:

The website shown last week included a series of tiles featuring Twitter content, both images and text, clustered by subject matter, like entertainment and sports.

Twitter declined to comment to AdAge on the story.
The report, along with news Friday that Twitter is working to make it possible to display ads on tweet streams on third-party sites and apps such as ESPN’s SportsCenter and Flipboard, is an indication that the company is moving more aggressively to monetize its full audience.
In November, during a conference with Wall Street analysts, Twitter claimed that 500 million people see its content every month on the web, much higher than its 284 million monthly active registered users. Users who aren’t logged in bump into Twitter content via…

Phy-gital shoppers rescind the law of supply and demand

The law of supply and demand can best be seen two days before Christmas at the local Toys R Us. Just look for the gaping holes on the shelves and the angry customers tearing into the stock boy. “What do you mean you’re out of Pretty Pink Robot Destroyer! My little girl will be heartbroken!”
Then the customer whips out her phone and buys said toy for nine times the going price on eBay making one clever seller’s holiday a lot more jolly.
Technological problem solver Mindtree, says that when customers combine physical and digital shopping (phy-gital), their able to flip the law of supply and demand into the law of demand will supply.
If shoppers don’t find exactly what they’re looking for in your brick and mortar store, they’ll find it and buy it online while they’re still standing in your checkout line.
With all of this customer competition, both online and off, retailers (and marketers) have to do everything they can to keep said customer from continuing his search at another outlet.
The ma…