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Holiday E-Commerce Sales Up 27% For SMB Retailers In 2014

Focusing on small and medium-sized online retailers during the 2014 holiday season, e-commerce solutions provider Bigcommerce said SMB’s saw a 27 percent year-over-year increase in sales occurring Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.
According to Bigcommerce’s Q4 2014 E-commerce Report, SMB online retailers generated 24 percent more orders during the Cyber week, with online sales for the five-day span representing 12 percent of total sales for Q4 2014.
In 2014, retailers processed 24% more orders during Cyber Week with stores averaging 27% higher revenues than in 2013.
Based on the total value of goods sold through its own platform, Bigcommerce reports the quarterly gross merchandise volume (GMV) per store during Q4 2014 climbed 34.3 percent over 2013′s fourth quarter, with sales up 22 percent for the whole of 2014.

After breaking down SMB online sales by vertical, Bigcommerce said Computers and Electronics was the top performer for the quarter, with a 41 percent increase in per-store s…

LinkedIn To Launch Intra-Company Tools To Help Unify The Workplace

LinkedIn has been under a barrage of changes lately, a new homepage, to improved search and better analytics. Next up? Collaborative products to connect colleagues according to re/code. Allegedly LinkedIn is creating tools and apps geared to boost communication and the sharing of knowledge within a company itself.
The first tool up will allow users to send InMail to anyone within their company – whether connected or not. According to re/code employees within a company will be encouraged to input all of their contact information to help make the service more valuable. No chat service has been leaked, just a more robust, repository of coworker information.
This will “begin to pilot in the coming weeks” and will be the tip of the tool iceberg for the intra-office suite. An update rumored by the end of the quarter will help create a location that company users can share content directly with a specific group of employees. This would allow for companies to disburse relevant content to a sele…

Google launches Flight Search in India, will it hurt OTAs?

Google is throwing its knowledge muscle behind airline booking industry with its Google Flight Search which it launched in India today. This is heavenly news for the avid travellers as it gets them the info they need at their fingertips. The search giant promises better flight info for consumers and more customers for travel websites […]
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.Camera, .coffee, .com; Google Domains is now open for business

Pick a name, any name! Google is now in the domain name business and it makes me wonder. . .
But before I tell you what I’m wondering, let’s examine the facts.
Google began selling domain names last June but it was by invite only. Apparently, the beta test went well because as of today, they’ve opened the doors to anyone in the US.
Google’s line is that getting online is easy. They’re pushing “fair, transparent pricing” for all domains and help setting up a website to go with your domain through Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix. (Sounds like a law firm in a Three Stooges short.)
Google will also happily help you transfer all of your domains away from your current registrar.
The hardest thing about buying a domain is coming up with a name that isn’t already owned by someone else. Google says they’ve improved the search and suggestion list but I have my doubts. I searched for and Google suggested I try and More tha…

Facebook users prefer pets and photographers to banks and tech

There are marketers who swear that Facebook is the key to staying in touch with customers and others who think Facebook is a waste of time. Believe it or not, both are right. As you’ll see from this new infographic by Cool Tabs, it all depends on who and where you are.
Cool Tabs makes apps and widgets that you can put on your Facebook pages to increase engagement and attract new followers. They also offer a performance check-up service and it’s that data that led to these results.
Most Engaging Categories
It’s nice to have followers but it’s better when your followers actually engage with your posts. In Facebook terms, that could mean anything from leaving a thumbs up or comment to sharing a post with their own followers.
Cool Tabs found that people were more engaged with pet posts than any other category. Fictional characters came in a close second. Then we drop quite a bit before getting to “just for fun” and small business posts. Photographer posts round out the top five.
Photographers …

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Google Opens Its Domain Registration Service To All U.S. Users

Google is now officially a domain registrar, at least in the U.S.
About six months after launching as an invite-only service, Google Domains is now open to anyone in the U.S.
Domain registration starts at $12 per year, which is competitive with other services. Google Domains offers several of the basic registration services you’d find at other, more established registrars:

new domain registration
transfers of existing names into Google’s service
private domain registration (for free)
email forwarding
website/URL forwarding
integration with website builder services

When the service launched last summer, Google Domains didn’t offer many of the new, generic top-level domains (gTLDs). That’s improved now, with Google offering what looks like about 80 gTLDs in all.
Although the service is now open across the U.S., Google is still calling it a beta — “open beta,” to be precise. The company is planning to open its domain registry in other countries, too, but there’s no timetable given.
The post Google …

Report: 70% Of Marketers Plan To Boost Social Spending In 2015

A large majority of marketers plan to increase their spending on social media marketing — both paid and organic — in 2015, according to a new survey.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud polled 5,035 global marketing professionals about their budgetary plans for digital marketing and found that 70% plan to boost spending on social media advertising this year. The same percentage plan to spend more on social media marketing overall and 67% will spend more on social engagement.
Those were the top three results in marketers’ priority chart in the 2015 State of Marketing report, which was released today.
Social engagement spending tied with location-based mobile tracking for third. Here’s the chart:

As you can see, the chart is top heavy for social and mobile. Salesforce reported that 84% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their overall digital spending. Mobile and social are leading the way because 70% believe mobile is a “critical enabler of products and services” and 64% believe the same abou…