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Last Call for Lowest MarTech Conference Rates – Register Now, Save $400!

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference will help you get the most from marketing technology. Attend for strategies and tactics that:

delight customers while achieving business objectives;
get the most from your marketing stack investments;
secure the organizational buy-in you’ll need to succeed.

Register by this Saturday, January 17 and get access to all of the conference sessions, keynotes, networking events, breakfasts and lunches for just $1295. You save $400 off on-site rates by registering now!
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New Sessions & Brands Added to the MarTech Program

The MarTech agenda is packed with 25 sessions presented by nearly 30 innovators in marketing technology.
Just added to the program:

Hear how Coca-Cola delivered a memorable customer experience through a project that blended marketing and IT, digital and physical, global branding and local execution.
Explore the benefits of architecting marketing technology solutio…

LongTailPro Review – How To Find Profitable Niche Keywords

Are you looking for an automated system to provide you the profitable niche keywords? In my earlier post on micro-niche case study, I talked about LongTailPro tool (Desktop SEO tool), which I’m using for long-time and a review of LongTailPro was long due. Today, I will share a detailed LongTailPro review and will also show […]
LongTailPro Review – How To Find Profitable Niche Keywords Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Advice for mobile marketers: don’t fear the phone call

I’m better than most at finding what I need on the internet but this morning it wasn’t working for me. I was desperately trying to find the 2015 version of my favorite planner. I found it listed on the Barnes and Noble website with a note saying it was only available in stores. Pop in my zip code and yes! My local store has it in stock. Fill out the form to get a text confirmation and done. Back to work.
Only, two minutes later I got a text saying, “can’t find it”. Now this particular style comes with a variety of covers so I began to wonder. . . would the salesclerk be savvy enough to let me know if he had the butterfly cover but not the flower cover I asked for? Only one way to find out; I called the store and asked. None in stock.
Back to the website to find the phone number of the next closest store. Another phone call and this time I found what I was after. In hindsight, I should have simply started with a phone call but that’s the funny thing about our high tech world – the phone …

Can’t beat ‘em, join ‘Facebook at Work’

In a survey from 2012, 64% of respondents said they visit non-work related sites every day while they’re at work. Of those, 41% said they visit Facebook. Add two years and allowing for people who lied about it – I’d guess that an even larger percentage of workers are logging on to check their Facebook feed either through work computers or their own mobile phone.
So, in the spirit of, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’, Facebook is rolling out Facebook for Work; a private platform that lets companies create their own social network inside a very familiar framework.
According to TechCrunch (and everyone else who picked up the story), it’s still very much a closed beta but at least now it’s official. There’s even an app in the app store but you can’t use it unless you’re one of the chosen few.
When a company signs on to take the ride, they can create Facebook at Work logins for their employees or just let everyone sign in with their personal Facebook credentials. The first option …

Top 10 Most Shared Super Bowl Ads Of All Time: Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Only 2014 Video Ad To Make The List

With just over two weeks until Super Bowl XLIX, it’s time to review where the competition stands – for brands.
According to video metrics company Unruly, last year’s “Puppy Love” video ad from Budweiser was the only 2014 spot to break into its list of the top ten most shared Super Bowl ads of all time.
With the addition of “Puppy Love” at No. 4, Budweiser now holds three of the top ten rankings. It’s the only brand to generate more than eight-million combined shares with its Super Bowl appearances.
Still holding the No. 1 spot for its 2011 “The Force” ad, Volkswagen will not be part of this year’s Super Bowl ad extravaganza. Last November, a spokesperson from the brand told Automotive News, “We will consider rejoining when it is right for our brand.”
This will be the first Super Bowl Volkswagen has opted not to run an ad since 2010.
Top Ten Most Shared Super Bowl Ads of All Time
1. Volkswagen’s 2011 “The Force” (5,279,722 shares)

2.Budweiser’s 2002 “9/11 Commercial” (3,480,685 shares)

3. Budw…

Study: Despite “Time Spent” Gap, Mobile Web Just As Important As Apps

Almost 90 percent of mobile internet time is spent in apps. This finding has been independently published by comScore, Nielsen and other metrics firms. However according to an IAB sponsored Harris poll of roughly 2,000 adults last December, the consumer public sees its mobile usage split roughly equally between apps and the mobile web.

Source: comScore data via IAB
The IAB sought to explain this discrepancy in usage vs. perception, what it calls the “app gap,” and better understand the relationship between usage of mobile apps and the mobile web. The IAB also seems to be trying to boost industry and media perceptions of the mobile web, which has been partly marginalized by these time-spent figures.

In short the headline from these findings is: “only 18 percent of mobile internet users say their time spent skews strongly toward apps.” Accordingly the data argue that the public values the mobile web and apps nearly equally and so marketers and publishers should as well.
The survey found tha…

Twitter Wooing App Developers With World Outreach Tour

Twitter took another step in its efforts to rekindle an often frosty relationship with mobile app developers today, announcing a world tour for its Fabric software development kit.
The first phase of the campaign, called Flock, will consist of a series of meetups and seminars with developers in U.S. cities and will kick off next week in Los Angeles. The events will be led by Twitter’s team of Developer Advocates who are “piling into a Fabric bus to visit cities from Los Angeles to Detroit.” Later this year, Twitter will host half-day conferences in international cities (and New York).
Twitter also announced upgrades to the Fabric SDK, including an improved distribution tool, crash-to-tester identification and a new self-service app installs tracking feature.
The Flock tour comes on the heels of Twitter’s first conference for mobile developers in October in San Francisco, where it introduced the Fabric SDK. Enticing more app developers to use Twitter tools is seen as crucial to Twitter’s …