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5 Free Blog Title Generator To Write Catchy Post Headlines

Title of your blog post plays a major role in the success of your blog post. It’s the title which compel users to click on the blog post and read it, none the less it plays a great role in the search engine ranking. A good title is one which is optimised for readers and […]
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Pinterest: Marketing boon or bust?

Today’s top question; if Pinterest was your friend would it be the kind of friend who will drive you to the airport at 5 am or the kind that invites you out for a good time then leaves you to pay the bill?
Nate over at Forrester has put together some pros and cons of Pinterest in his own attempt to decide: is Pinterest a boon or a bust for marketers? Let’s talk about his findings.
The best news about Pinterest is that it’s mostly populated by young women who love to spend.
The median age on Pinterest is 35, six years younger than Facebook. 84% of those women have ordered something online in the past 3 months.
And these aren’t bargain hunters, either. These are women who want the very best for their homes, best fashions and top quality make-up products.
Forrester’s Social Technographics® Score tells us that Pinterest users are more likely to engage with brands than Facebook users.
Super. Now where’s the bad in that?
The bad news is at the end of the time + effort = ROI equation. Even with all…

Google Glass Is Dead? Google Glass Is Reborn? Yes. Both.

Google has announced a series of major changes to the Google Glass project that has some saying “Glass is dead” and others saying “Glass is reborn.”
Both are correct.
What’s happening is a significant re-organization of Glass within Google’s corporate structure, as well as a reboot of how the Glass project will function publicly going forward. Here’s a look at what’s going on, from both sides.
Glass Is Dead
The company announced this morning that the Glass Explorer program is ending, and that Google will stop selling the current version of Glass on January 19.
Glass “Explorers” are all of the people (myself included) that have taken part in the beta launch of Google Glass since its launch in Spring 2013. The device was initially sold only via invites, but opened up more widely last year to anyone in the US and UK who was willing to spend $1500 (USD) to become an Explorer and help Google publicly test the device.
The Explorer program has been marred by several public incidents that put Explo…