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Live Blog: The Microsoft Windows 10 Briefing

Good morning! Microsoft is sharing the future of its new Window 10 operating system in a “Windows 10 Briefing” today. We’ll be live blogging the event, which begins at 9am. It’s also being live streamed here.

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Social Media Is The Least Popular Channel For Customer Service [Survey]

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Each time the calendar starts anew, it seems that we hear that it is finally the time that social media will unseat traditional methods for customer service. A new survey from M2Talk shows that we are world’s away from this becoming reality.
In a survey of 1,000 adults aged 25 and over the findings showed that the phone is still the most popular form of contact for customer service (33.5%) followed closely behind by email at 32.5%. Oh, and at the very bottom? That’s social media, with only 2% of users saying that it was the preferred method of customer service.

Additional findings showed that not only is social media not the primary form of contact, but that 25% of respondents don’t use social media for customer service whatsoever. This number jumped even higher for respondents over 55 years in age with 39.7% saying that they’ve never used a social site for a customer service related inquiry.
One reason that the result may be so skewed is that not every brand le…

5 Reasons You Should Start Using CloudFlare Right Away

When I first heard about Cloudflare years back, I was like why the heck I need to use it. My site is loading fine and more over I read too many issues back then. Last year, after WPEngine hosting started charging my site for extra visits, I started using Cloudflare to get rid of unwanted […]
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Facebook Will Cut Back On Hoaxes In Your News Feed

Aiming to cut down on the spread of false information, Facebook said it will flag posts that appear to be hoaxes and show fewer of them in people’s News Feeds.
Facebook isn’t planning a Snopes-style effort; it won’t be attempting to verify or debunk stories posted on its network. Instead it will depend on reports from users. Facebook recently added a option for people to report a story as false.

If enough people flag a story as false, Facebook will append a message to the post, like so:

“Many people on Facebook have reported that this story contains false information.”

Such posts will have reduced distribution in the News Feed, Facebook reported in a blog post announcing the change.
In testing, Facebook said, it found that people don’t usually report “satirical content intended to be humorous, or content that is clearly labeled as satire.” So posts from The Onion’s Facebook page will apparently be spared.
Last summer, Facebook experimented with a “Satire” tag, that was applied to stories fr…

Believe it or not: Facebook promises to cut down on hoaxes

Before you read another word, go over to Facebook and post a disclaimer saying that Facebook is forbidden from using your photos and text for any reason at all. Otherwise, they’ll take your life, make a book out of it and sell it for a profit and you’ll get nothing.
And while you’re there, make sure you forward that post with the letter from the sick little girl. She’s been fading for the past ten years but every time you share that post, she gets a little bit healthier.
Crazy. At least P.T. Barnum made money off of his suckers. What are Facebook hoaxsters gaining from their efforts? (And by the way, Barnum never actually said those oft quoted words.)
It may seem like Facebook hoax posts are harmless but they are doing damage to your social media marketing campaigns. How? Because they take up precious space on everyone’s news feed, pushing your posts off the page. They also annoy people to the point where everything that comes after is forgotten. Seriously, Facebook hoaxes are ruining yo…