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It’s back to basics for local marketers [Infographic]

If you do it everyday, digital marketing is routine, but for many small business owners it’s just too overwhelming to even think about. That’s a shame, because a few simple steps can make a big difference in the life or death of a small business.
Brandmuscle, the local marketing software company, put together an infographic outlining the three areas that SMB’s need to master if they want to make it in 2015.
It’s time to get back to the basics with email, social media and online reputation.
Why: 66% of consumers have made an online purchase after reading a marketing email. That’s huge. What’s even huge-er(?) is the return on investment. Brandmuscle figures that the ROI on email marketing is 4,300%.
How: Give people a reason to subscribe and make it easy to do. Sign up your own company newsletter and see how many hoops you have to jump through. Some companies make it incredibly tough. Also, make sure your marketing emails show up properly on mobile. If not, you’re losing out on a lot o…

Pinterest Acquires Product Recommendation Startup To Improve Ad Targeting

In a move that should improve its ad targeting ability, Pinterest today announced that it has acquired Kosei, a Palo Alto-based marketing startup that specializes in personalized product recommendations.
Kosei’s machine learning technology maps the 400 relationships between 30 million products, which maps nicely with Pinterest’s move to accelerate its efforts to make money.
Unique among major social networks, Pinterest is a place where people explore and bookmark product information. The site has moved cautiously with its advertising products, finally extending its CPM-based Promoted Pins to all U.S. advertisers this month after testing it for more than a year. A cost-per-click ad product is in development and expected later this year.
By bringing the Kosei technology and management into the fold, Pinterest will be able to improve the “object graph” that maps the connections between people, their interests and the things they want to do in the future, a Pinterest spokesman told Marketing…

Facebook Adds Super Bowl Ad Targeting Segment

Marketers using Facebook for their 2015 Super Bowl campaigns have a new weapon in their arsenal. Facebook announced today a “Big Game” targeting segment that enables advertisers to reach people based on real-time conversations related to the Super Bowl.
Facebook said the segment will include people beyond just football fans, including those liking, commenting and sharing content related to party planning, recipes, flatscreen TV purchases, conversations about TV commercials and other topics surrounding the game.
The segment will be updated frequently — growing and changing dynamically as more people become engaged with Super Bowl topics — in the remaining days before the game and throughout Super Bowl Sunday, a Facebook spokesperson explained in an email.
In 2014, Facebook advertisers targeted by interest (for example, football, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos). The new segment is modeled after Facebook’s audience targeting for the 2014 World Cup last spring and summer, but will refresh …

NBC Will Push Super Bowl 2015 Commercials Straight To Tumblr

Fans of Super Bowl commercials — we know you’re out there — who want instant replay will be able to turn to Tumblr on Super Bowl Sunday.
NBC Sports Digital today announced the launch of a Tumblr page that will host Super Bowl ads immediately after they air during the broadcast of the game Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz.
The page, at, is currently populated with content created by NBC Sports’ marketing media team and re-blogs of NFL-related Tumblr posts. On game day, the page will turn into a hub for Super Bowl TV ads.
NBC Sports is live streaming Super Bowl XLIX to desktops and tablets, but some of the ads in the live stream will be different than those on the television broadcast. Only the TV broadcast ads will be posted on the Tumblr page, giving online viewers a look at what the larger audience will likely be talking about.
“We recognize that Super Bowl TV ads are must-see content for many viewers, and we’re thrilled to connect our digital audience to the spots in a sea…