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Showing posts from January 26, 2015

Digital Marketing’s Secret Sauce Shouldn’t Be So Secret

Transparency is crucial in all relationships — romantic, platonic, familial, and of course the all-important relationship between small businesses and their digital marketing experts.
Unfortunately, the same customer complaints keep cropping up. Clients say that their digital marketers over-promise, bombard them with jargon, and don’t explain things clearly or thoroughly. Basically, transparency is nowhere to be found.
That’s a horrible situation, especially considering small businesses and digital marketers are supposed to be a team. When one partner wins, they both do — and when one partner fails, the same holds true.
A common thread is that many digital marketers simply aren’t educating their clients. Digital marketing clients can run the gamut from plumbers to doctors, brick-and-mortar bakeries, BBQ restaurants, to auto mechanics. Each of these small business owners know exactly what they’re doing in their own element — but they’re understandably clueless about digital marketing.