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From Speculation To Actual Sales, Facebook Debuts Conversion Lift Measurement

Despite increasing evidence of Facebook’s value to marketers, the company continues face questions about the ROI of its ads. A tool announced today should help answer those questions in a very powerful way: Conversion Lift Measurement.
Conversion Life Measurement will allow marketers to track online sales and, more significantly, offline sales driven by Facebook advertising. The new capability will be available globally but only to advertisers that have a Facebook sales representative. Right now the company is limiting the service to larger accounts.
For online tracking and e-commerce Facebook will use a conversion pixel or Custom Audiences pixel. For offline sales advertisers will need to upload sales data to Facebook. This is consistent with the approach that the company takes with Custom Audiences. Indeed, offline sales tracking is an expansion and extension of what Facebook has been doing with its Custom Audiences users.

For both approaches the company creates test groups (those expo…

With A Mobile Surge, Facebook Extends Dominance In Social Logins

Fueled by a giant leap in mobile, Facebook pushed to a four-year-high in the share of the social login market, according to a report released today by customer management firm Gigya.
Facebook surged 15 percentage points in mobile sign-ins in the fourth quarter and now 77% of the people who sign on to websites with mobile devices on Gigya’s network use the social network to authenticate their identity.
The mobile increase helped Facebook add 3 percentage points to its overall share of the market, which stands at 61%, above 60% in the Gigya results for the first time since 2011.
Second-place Google slid 12 percentage points on mobile devices and 2 percentage points overall to 22%. Twitter and Yahoo remained flat at 6% overall, but Yahoo’s trajectory in 2014 was downward, losing 9 percentage points since the last quarter of 2013 while Twitter gained 2 percentage points during the same span.
It should be noted that Giyga’s results — drawn from more than 300,000 sites in its network — differ f…

Twitter Will Now Let You Shoot, Upload Video From Your Mobile Device

Twitter is finally ready for its video close-up.
Today the company announced the roll out of a native video product that will give mobile users the ability to upload clips of up to 30 seconds directly to the Twitter platform. Twitter also announced an update to its Direct Message feature, giving people the opportunity to hold private group chats.
Both moves, telegraphed by Twitter executives in November at a day-long session for investors and analysts, are part of Twitter’s campaign to convince Wall Street that it has a solid product-improvement plan, one that will lead to increased engagement and higher retention of new and occasional users. Twitter is due to release its fourth quarter earnings report on Feb. 5, so today’s move can be seen as a signal to investors that the company is making progress, or at least making an effort.
With native video, Twitter is aiming to capture some of the momentum enjoyed by Facebook, which is now challenging YouTube as a place upload and watch video. F…

Report: Snapchat Discovery Will Launch Tuesday

360b /

Snapchat’s move beyond messaging will shift into another gear Tuesday with the launch of Snapchat Discovery, the New York Post and Re/code reported this evening.
With Discovery, in the works for much of 2014, Snapchat aims to turn itself into a platform for content, much of it provided by publisher partners such as ESPN, CNN, Vice and Warner Music. Snapchat will share revenue from ads on the multimedia content with publishers; the Post reported that the revenue split will be “slightly more favorable to partners than the typical 70 percent retained by media partners on other outlets like Apple iTunes.”
Snapchat also has plans to create original content for Discovery, Digiday reported last week, and has built an editorial team, including former Verge reporter Ellis Hamburger.
The move is a further bet that the mobile app’s young audience will continue to engage with content beyond the ephemeral friend-to-friend messages that are the foundation of the four-year-old pl…

Super Bowl Highlights Will Show In Google’s Search Results

dean bertoncelj /

Google’s football-related search results are moving even further beyond the old “10 blue links” interface, with video content from the NFL and its official cable channel, the NFL Network. This weekend, Google’s search results will feature in-game highlights from Super Bowl 49 between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.
The NFL and Google have announced an agreement to show NFL game highlights right in Google’s search results on the desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Here’s how the NFL is describing the way this content will look:

A simple Google search will display official NFL video along with related news and information all delivered to the user in one distinct box at the top of the search results. Kickoff time and broadcast information for every NFL game will also be prominently displayed in Google Search.

You can see this in action today. A search for “super bowl” brings up the typical Google onebox display with game information, and now…

Logo flaunting is out; unbundling is in and other consumer insights

Today’s informative marketing post is brought to you by a misread. That’s right. I found this extremely interesting report because I misread the headline on the press release; Mindshare North America Releases Annual Culture Vulture Trends Report.
No joke, I thought it was a report about the growing vulture population in the US. Vultures – as in the villainous looking birds.
As it turns out, it’s actually a report that delves deeply into the mind of the American consumer and it’s fascinating.
Mindshare’s survey of more than 2,000 consumers led them to discover 10 trends. We’re going to look a 4. You’ll find a link for the rest at the end of this post.
The New Conspicuous Consumption:
Remember when a tiny alligator on your shirt was a status symbol? When a Nike swoosh meant you were cool but not necessarily athletic? We used to be a country that craved logos – the more obvious the better but the Culture Vulture says that 36% of U.S. consumers dislike wearing brand logos of any kind.
That does…

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