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Up Close With Snapchat’s New “Discover” Feature

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Snapchat launched its “Discover” feature Tuesday, marking a major shift from the company’s roots as a mobile messaging app.
Discover is more online magazine than social media platform and is intended to feed Snapchat’s young audience a daily flow of content from major media companies. Those companies are eager to tap into the lucrative millennial demographic, and Snapchat is determined to make good on its $10 billion valuation by kickstarting its revenue generating potential.
In a blog post announcing Discover, Snapchat emphasized how different it is from other social platforms:

Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. This is not social media.
Social media companies tell us what to read based on what’s most recent or most popular. We see it differently. We count on editors and artists, not clicks a…

Football fans up the price tag on Super Sunday to $68 per person

The average person spends $130 on Valentine’s Day. According to Bing, consumers will spend just about half that amount to celebrate another truly American holiday; Super Bowl Sunday.
Bing says the average consumer will spend $68 on game day food, fan gear, decor and new TVs. This is up 18% over last year and is an even bigger increase than we saw the year before.
A lot of that money goes to the massive amounts of junk food Americans will eat while watching the game. Fans will consume 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks alone making it the second highest day for food consumption. (Thanksgiving is number one.)
Chickens dread Super Sunday because on that day, Americans eat more than 1.23 billion chicken wings. Pizza franchises love Super Sunday; last year, searches for “pizza” soared to 5xs the height of Bing’s graph both the day before and on the day.
Not in the pizza business? Here are other food related keywords that are expected to score on the days leading up to the game:

Once …

Twitter expands the meaning of ‘direct message’

Twitter added two new features today; both designed to keep you on the platform for just a little bit longer.
First, they’ve expanded the definition of a “Direct Message” so that it includes a conversation with up to 20 people.

New! Use Direct Messages to speak privately with a group of up to 20 people. Share Tweets, show emoji & be yourself.
— Twitter (@twitter) January 27, 2015

I say, if you’re having a conversation with 20 people on Twitter, you might as well have it in public because . . . . 20 people!
Remember, you can only send a direct message to someone who is following you but this update muddies the water a little. When you send a group direct message, each person has to be following you but they don’t have to be following each other. Does that mean the odd man out can or can’t see the replies from the other people? For this to work, everyone has to see every reply, right? So now, two people who don’t follow each other (maybe for a good reason) are now …

Yahoo Reports $1.1 Billion In Revenue For 2014, Up 95% YOY

According to Yahoo’s 2014 earnings report released today, the company’s investment businesses, which included mobile, video, native, and social, delivered $1.1 billion in revenue, representing a 95 percent year-over-year increase.
Yahoo also reports mobile gains, generating $254 million in mobile revenue during Q4, and $1.26 billion for all of 2014.
Our mobile strategy and focus has transformed Yahoo and yielded significant results.
Yahoo listed a number of business highlights for the year, including the acquisition of the programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll, and its partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox mobile and desktop browser.
“This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years,” said the company about its deal with Mozilla.
Yahoo also noted a number of new hires that happened during Q4 2014 and this year, including Senior Vice President, Sales, Americas Lisa Utzschneider and Vice President, Sales Strategy and Solutio…

Pinterest Is Now Pushing Promoted Pins Into Users’ Home Feeds

Pinterest is finally stepping on the advertising accelerator.
The company announced today that it has started pushing Promoted Pins into the home feeds of users. Previously, Pinterest’s ads appeared only on category pages and search results. The company has purposely slow-played the introduction of paid messages on its popular social bookmarking site. It tested Promoted Pins for six months in 2014, before finally making the CPM-based ad product available for U.S. marketers on Jan. 1.
Pinterest is calling the introduction of ads into users home feeds an experiment, but clearly is starting to pick up the pace.
“I would say we are speeding things up because the advertisers are ready,” Joanne Bradford, Pinterest’s head of partnerships, told the Wall Street Journal. “We’ve worked very hard over the course of the beta period and took all those learnings and built a very aggressive roadmap for 2015.”
Also on the map: a CPC-based ad product that the company expects to release this year. For now, …

Google Analytics New “Trash Can” Feature Saves Deleted Data

Google Analytics is rolling out a new “Trash Can” feature that will act as a safety net to recover recently deleted data.
According to the announcement, deleted views, properties and accounts will be saved in the “Trash Can” for 35 days.
While the feature will be rolling out during the coming weeks, Google says anything that has been deleted starting today can be retrieved once an account has been updated with the new feature.
We all make mistakes, but the damage might seem irrevocable when accidentally deleting crucial reporting information from Google Analytics.
To use the feature, users must go to the Administration tab, select an account and then click the “Trash Can” icon on the left-hand panel to choose what data they want to reclaim.

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