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Report: Mobile Ad Revenues Don’t Line Up With Traffic Volumes

The state of mobile advertising is one of contrasts and imbalances according to Opera Mediaworks’ end of year report . It presents data drawn from 18,000 sites and 800 million users globally. The company also says its network represents 90 percent of top AdAge global advertisers. In the past few years mobile advertising around the globe has picked up considerably. However the US market still dominates traffic and revenues generated. According to Opera’s data the US is followed by APAC and then Europe. No imbalance there. The first of the reported imbalances is the gap between category traffic (mobile sites and apps) and ad revenues. Social networking overwhelmingly dominates traffic but doesn’t command commensurate ad revenues. Music, Video & Media and Games lead advertising revenue, though social isn’t that far behind. In the near term (next 6 months) I would expect the gap between social media traffic and revenues to close. Facebook’s recent earnings suggest that its mobi

Know the Battery Status of your Visitor’s Mobile Phone

When someone visits your website, you can easily retrieve information about the charge level of their mobile or laptop’s battery through the Battery Status API ( live demo ). This is currently supported on Google Chrome, Opera & Firefox on the desktop and Chrome for Android. The Battery API can be implemented with few lines of JavaScript code and reveals all the required details about the device’s battery charge level. You’ll get to know: Whether or not the visitor’s battery is currently being charged. How much is the battery charged? If charging, how many seconds until the battery is fully charged. The remaining time in seconds until the battery is completely discharged. Battery Status Demo You can attach event listeners so the battery data is updated as soon as the charge level of the hardware’s battery is changed while the visitor is still on your page. You can go one step further and even integrate this with Google Analytics and store the battery charge level of your v

What 30 Seconds Of Super Bowl Ad Money Would Have Bought Online: 2,542,573,344 Impressions

A post-game empirical analysis by programmatic ad platform Rocket Fuel shows almost no lift or conversion benefit to Super Bowl advertising for auto makers. (I made a similar argument here .) The company then goes on to examine what marketers could have done online with the $4.5 million they spent on a single 30-second spot. Rocket Fuel hypothesizes that it would have cost roughly $3.8 million (using an average $1.50 cpm) to buy every single impression available on the digital ad exchanges (roughly 2,542,573,344) during the entire Super Bowl across the internet. One brand could thus have effectively taken over the internet for four hours for $700,000 less than what a single 30 second ad cost on NBC during the game. Spent differently, the company says the money could buy or have bought an advertiser: 11-day takeover of the YouTube homepage 9-day takeover of Turner Networks’ affiliated web pages (which includes,,,, etc.) 45 days of standalon

Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive

You have been uploading videos to the YouTube website all this time but you are now looking to explore additional channels. Maybe you can put them on other video hosting websites like Vimeo or your Facebook page to reach an even wider audience. You can bundle the YouTube video files as an iTunes podcast that people can download and watch offline. The important point is how do you get your original video files from YouTube for uploading to other websites? If you have been diligently storing a backup of every single video file that you have ever uploaded to YouTube, please skip reading this, else there are two “official” options. If you head over to the creator dashboard on the YouTube website, you can download any of your website with a simple click ( read how-to ). The only downside with the option is that YouTube downsizes your HD videos to 480p. Also see: Save Web Files to Google Drive There’s another option available inside Google Takeout that will not only let you download y

Top 10 Productive Tips For Bloggers From Personal Desk

Being a professional Blogger is not an easy job, as you don’t only have to write articles but you have to take care of everything around your blog. In nutshell, here is my daily-routine: Writing new articles, updating all my blogs, replying to users comment, replying to readers email, promote my blog, network with others, […] Top 10 Productive Tips For Bloggers From Personal Desk Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire Special: Pre-signup For Make Money Blogging Program at ShoutUniversity: Join Professional Blogging University from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire

Budweiser Takes Top Online Honors For Super Bowl Ad Activity

Two of the main services that track the online activity surrounding Super Bowl ads agree: Budweiser is the big winner from Super Bowl 49 with its heartwarming “Lost Dog” commercial. According to iSpot.TV’s measurements , that ad accounted for a little more than 12 percent of all online activity among Super Bowl commercials, easily beating out “Like a Girl” from Always and the McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin’” ad. (iSpotTV’s “online activity” statistic combines all possible activities across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and iSpotTV’s website, with heavier weight given to more valuable activities such as promoting and sharing.) As of this morning, “Lost Dog” was tops with about 4.2 million online views and second with almost 305,000 social actions, a count of activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iSpotTV’s website. “Like a Girl” had about 7,500 more social actions, but 2.6 million less online views. The “Lost Dog” ad was out in front after its early release last week and stayed on to