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Report: iPhone Took Share From Android In All Markets But Japan

Fourth quarter data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech asserts that the iPhone’s market share has grown across key markets, including the US, China and EU 5. In most markets measured Android was down and Windows phone was flat.
Kantar reported that Android’s market share declined in the US and Europe by nearly 4 points year over year. Apple’s share rose by a corresponding amount in the US and a substantial 6 points across the EU 5. In the UK it grew by 13 percent year over year. Only in Japan did Android’s share grow — but by a whopping 8 points — vs. the same period a year ago.
The firm says its smartphone data are from “the largest continuous consumer research/mobile phone tracking panel of its kind in the world.”
Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech
During the recent Apple earnings call CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 6 was causing Android users to switch:

But I would also point out that we had the highest number of customers new to iPhone last quarter than in any prior launch. And also that…

Microsoft’s Bing Ads To Test Native Advertising On

Microsoft’s Bing Ads has plans to test native ads on later the year, extending beyond the search ads it delivers across the Yahoo Bing Network.
Steve Sirich, general manager for Bing Ads product marketing, explained by phone yesterday that ad targeting will “pull intent from Bing Ads and extend that into relative programming on MSN.” “It will add more, relevant volume and great connection for advertisers,” he says, and drive the idea of Bing Ads as an “intent network”.
Players such as Yieldbot and Intent Media have staked their (growing) businesses on the idea of harnessing first-party intent data for better ad targeting and performance. Microsoft has both the publisher assets with and intent signals and ad tech in Bing Ads to theoretically make this union work.
Yahoo, Microsoft’s partner in search advertising, already entered the native ad market with native stream and image ads served through its Gemini platform across Yahoo sites. It added third-party syndication last …

Apple-Linked Van: Self-Driving Car Or Street View Competitor?

A mystery minivan linked to Apple (though not conclusively) has been seen driving around the streets of Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are two speculated use cases: Street View-like imagery or self-driving vehicle testing.
The picture above is from a local blog (Claycord) via AppleInsider. Apple had “no comment” to local CBS affiliate KPIX, which produced a report on the sightings (video below). The Claycord blog also showed images of a similar allegedly self-driving Dodge Caravan photographed in Brooklyn, New York.

The rig on the top of the vehicle does not generally resemble mapping cameras, which tend to be higher or taller to gain more 360-degree visibility of the area being photographed. Below are examples of mapping rigs:

While street-level photography is useful in many situations it’s not a necessity for map users. However the other location data and information captured by Google via Street View cars (notwithstanding the “SpyView” payload controversy) ha…

What Brands Need To Know About Online Reviews: 5 Questions With NYT Bestselling Author Bill Tancer

In 2008, Publishers Weekly said Bill Tancer’s Click – What Millions Do Online and Why It Matters was, “…destined to become a primer for online marketers and usability experts while shedding new light on the mindset and curiosities of the average Web surfer.”
Tancer followed the success of his first publication with a deep dive into world of online reviews for his most recent book Everyone’s a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World.
The New York Times bestselling author has been researching consumers behavior patterns for more than a decade.
“During that time, I’ve been immersed in studying how millions of consumers interact with over one million websites,” says Tancer who serves as the general manager of global research for Experian Marketing Services.
According to Tancer, more than 80 percent of consumers check online reviews before making purchase decisions. His research shows that online reviews play an undeniable role in a consumer’s purchasing decisions, and that brands a…

North Face VP Of Global Marketing Now Gets To Lead The Brand He Loved As A Kid

Serving as the vice president of global marketing for North Face, Aaron Carpenter is tasked with managing all aspects of the popular brand’s marketing efforts, including digital, advertising and in-store marketing. He also oversees the brand’s sports marketing initiatives and its global marketing research.
During his tenure with North Face, Carpenter has been part of the executive team that has grown the global company from $1B to $2B in five years time.
“My earliest accounts of The North Face products occurred as a child in the Bay Area where I grew up skiing and backpacking with my family,” writes Carpenter, “Even then, I loved the brand. Even then, I was inspired.”
My earliest accounts of The North Face products occurred as a child in the Bay Area where I grew up skiing and backpacking with my family. Even then, I loved the brand. Even then, I was inspired.
Last November, the brand launched its largest campaign in company history. Known as the See for Yourself campaign, North Face aims…

Twitter Launches Quick Promote, A Shortcut To Promote Tweets

Buying an ad on Twitter just got simpler. Twitter announced today a streamlined ad campaign launcher called “quick promote,” giving marketers the ability to promote a tweet with a few clicks from the analytics dashboard.
The streamlined process, aimed at small and medium businesses, is a shortcut to bypass Twitter’s more complicated ad platform. Tweets promoted via the new method will be automatically targeted to users with interests similar to the account’s followers.
Here’s the drill, as explained in a Twitter blog post:

After logging into the Tweet activity dashboard, select a Tweet to promote. We recommend you choose a Tweet that’s already resonating with your followers. You can tell that a Tweet is resonating if it has a high number of total impressions and engagement rate.
Choose a budget. We’ll provide an estimate of the reach you’ll see after promoting your Tweet.
Watch people engage with your Tweet in real time, and optimize your content strategy to drive more of your desired acti…

50 Fascinating Marketing Tech Companies, All In One Room

This article was originally published on

We’re 8 weeks away from this year’s MarTech Conference in San Francisco, and I’m very excited about how it’s shaping up. There are so many great speakers who have agreed to share their experience and perspective on marketing technology management and how to harness marketing technology to shape customer experience.
I’ll do a more detailed write-up of the presentations next week (there are a couple of early previews of what to expect here and here). But today, I want to highlight another feature of the conference: the exhibit hall.
You may have raised an eyebrow at that last remark, “The exhibit hall?”
I know, exhibits at conferences can easily suffer from the Goldilocks Dilemma — there are either too few or too many companies. Too few, and your odds of discovering something that you didn’t already know about can be slim. Too many, and well, it becomes more of a physical trek than an intellectual journey.
With 50 marketing technology…