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Showing posts from February 13, 2015

Buffer Upgrades Analytics To Help You Sort Out Social

Sometimes you just want simple answers to simple questions. What’s working with my social media efforts? What isn’t?
Buffer, the popular social media scheduling tool, upgraded its analytics tool this week to give marketers a handy way to quickly assess the health of their social efforts. Buffer analytics is available to people who pay for “Awesome” ($10 a month) or Business (starting at $50 a month) accounts.
New in this upgrade is the ability to sort posts in the four supported networks — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages — by popularity. Twitter analytics, for instance, can be sorted by most clicked, most retweets, most favorites, most replies and highest reach.

For Facebook, you can sort on likes, comments, clicks, shares and reach. LinkedIn gives similar options. But Buffer’s Twitter analytics are by far the most useful, because the tool pulls in all your tweets, not just those that are posted using Buffer tools (which is the case for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages)…

Almost 60 Percent Of Marketing Pros Use Automation, 90 Percent Say It Works

A majority of marketing and business professionals surveyed say their companies currently use marketing automation to some extent, and nearly 90 percent call it a success.
The marketing research firm Ascend2 recently published its latest monthly report, this one covering marketing automation strategies. More than 300 marketing and business professionals took the survey, with 59 percent saying they have either “extensive” or “limited” use of marketing automation tools. Another 34 percent said they don’t use it now, but plan to in the future.

Better news for the automation industry: 86 percent say they believe marketing automation is at least somewhat successful at achieving goals like lead generation and increasing sales. A quarter of respondents called automation “very successful” and 61 percent called it “somewhat successful.”

The two biggest challenges in using marketing automation? Forty-five percent of respondents said “lack of an effective strategy,” while 41 percent said “complexit…

Online-To-Offline Metrics Increasingly Important For Marketers And Brands

For well over a decade the internet has influenced billions and billions of dollars of local or offline spending. But that was largely ignored because it was almost impossible to track digital ads to the offline point of sale (outside of coupons), where 90+ percent of transactions occur.
Now, with smartphone ubiquity and vast amounts of real-world data, marketers are starting to gain visibility on the expansive landscape of online-to-offline transactions. It’s one of the most significant (and exciting) things to happen to digital media and marketing in a long time.
Google’s Store Visits, Facebook’s Conversion Lift Measurement and other efforts, such as the partnership between Twitter and DataLogix, seek to connect the dots between digital marketing and offline sales. Marchex and Telmetrics’ call tracking and analytics are integrated into paid-search platforms to enable tracking of “offline conversions” (i.e., calls) and to allow marketers to optimize their bidding to drive calls.
As furt…

Report: Pinterest Is Working On A “Buy” Button

Pinterest, already the most commercial of major social networks, is planning to introduce a “Buy” button as soon as this year, according to a report by Re/code today.
Citing multiple anonymous sources, the Re/code story says the button could be rolled out as soon as three to six months and would likely start as a limited test. One of the sources cautioned that Pinterest might wait longer to launch.
Whatever the timeframe, the apparent plan is no surprise. Both Twitter and Facebook are experimenting with Buy buttons of their own, but Pinterest has long been seen as the social network with the most potential to drive e-commerce. It’s large community of Pinners use the network to bookmark recipes, shoes, clothing, furniture and other products they might want to buy.
Pinterest has said that two-thirds of its content — which it last reported in April as more than 30 billion pins — comes from businesses. Businesses with e-commerce sites can currently use Pinterest’s Rich Pin feature to automat…

Conductor Lands $27 Million Funding For Its Fight Against Paid Media

Conductor has announced a Series D funding round of $27 million to continue what the company calls its “fight against paid media.”
This round brings Conductor’s total funding to more than $60 million.
Conductor says it will use the money to further develop Searchlight, its organic marketing platform that helps clients in unpaid channels such as organic search, social media and content marketing.
The announcement quotes Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik as follows:

Consumers are speaking louder than ever before; they don’t want to engage with banner ads and are getting overloaded with e-mails. Modern day consumers are actively seeking out their interests and the new marketing is about getting found in those moments. This is what we do. We are aggressively using this capital to pursue our product vision and make Conductor a global company.

In conjunction with today’s funding, Tyler Newton of Catalyst Investors — one of the new investors — is joining Conductor’s board of directors.
The post Conduc…