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Taco Bell Delivers Saucy Valentine’s Campaign Via Snapchat

Need a creative Valentine idea? Taco Bell has you covered. At least if you are a Snapchatter. If you aren’t and need a explainer, we’ve got you covered. Check out the marketers guide to Snapchat Danny Sullivan pulled together this week.
Taco Bell, one of the first brands to dive fully into Snapchat marketing, continues to make great use of the network and its Valentine’s Day campaign is a case in point. It’s playful, funny and interactive, a perfect fit for Snapchat’s millennial audience, an audience that no doubt eats more than its share of Beefy Cheddar Cruunchwrap Sliders.
Taco Bell published its Valentine Snapchat story Thursday afternoon, and because Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, it will be gone by Friday afternoon. We saved some screen grabs to walk through the campaign, which offered a handful of pun-filled suggestions for virtual Valentine’s cards:

After spinning through those options, Taco Bell showed the viewer detailed instructions for personalizing and sending th…