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Find How Many Visitors Are Not Seeing Ads on your Website

Adblocking software like AdBlock Plus have become mainstream and now pose a significant threat to web businesses that are dependent on online advertisements. The problem is so severe that Google and Amazon are paying the writers of AdBlock Plus to whitelist their ads. This may be seen as some kind of extortion but with billions of dollars at stake, the advertising companies have chosen to take the more profitable route.
It is estimated that ~5% of website visitors are blocking ads (PDF report) and the situation could be far worse for websites that have a more tech-savvy audience. If you are curious to know how many people visiting your own site are blocking AdSense and other ads, here’s a little trick.
Track Adblock Users with Google Analytics
Open your website template and copy-paste the snippet below before the closing body. This code will detect the presence of adblocking software on the visitor’s browser and, if found, an event gets logged into your Google Analytics account.


US Spending On E-Commerce Platforms To Reach $2.1 Billion By 2019 [Forrester]

Copyright © 2015, Forrester Research, Inc.

U.S. companies will nearly double their spending on e-commerce technology between now and the end of the decade, according to Forrester Research’s US Commerce Platform Technology And Services Forecast, 2014 To 2019 report.
Forrester expects spending to grow at an average rate of 12 percent, from $1.2 billion this year to $2.1 billion in 2019 — overall growth of 75 percent.
One the main drivers will be the worldwide growth in consumer spending online — Forrester expects e-commerce in developed countries to grow to $1.64 trillion in 2018. In addition to that overall spending growth, though, there’s a technology issue that’ll drive more spending on e-commerce systems. The report says some of this spending will be driven by companies upgrading existing technology, including those that are using in-house commerce tools.

Of manufacturing, retail, and wholesale firms using commerce technology, 13% are still using homegrown commerce technologies. These h…

Edit the Text and Images of your PDF file in the Browser

If you need to make changes in an existing PDF file, you need to get hold of the original document that was used to create the PDF, make the edits in the source document and export it as a PDF again. This is the best option since the document’s layout and formatting will be preserved in the new PDF file and you don’t even need an external PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat.
However, if you do not have access to the source document, you can still edit your PDF files in the browser using the free Word app. It may not be able to handle PDF files with complex layouts, or PDFs that are mostly comprised of charts and images but for text based PDF, Word is a probably a good options for fixing typos or manipulating text and images in PDFs. See example.

Edit PDF Files with Word Online
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can edit the content of PDF files inside the Word web app.

Go to and sign-in with your Microsoft account. While you are logged in, drag a PDF file from the desktop onto …

Want Maximum Reach On Facebook? Don’t Post Photos

Remember when the best way reach fans on Facebook was with photos? Those days are done.
In a major reversal, photo posts are now the worst performing of all posts by Facebook brand pages, according to new data from social media analytics company Socialbakers. Photo posts are half as likely to be seen as videos, the new king of engagement on the Facebook platform.
Looking at more than 670,000 posts by 4,445 brand pages (not including celebrity, entertainment or media pages) between October 2014 and February 2015, Socialbakers found that video posts had organic reach of 8.71%, meaning an average of nearly nine fans out of 100 see such posts. The reach was only 3.73% for photo posts, well below the results for text-only statuses (5.77%) and link posts (5.29%).
Although drastic, the flip-flop shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Facebook has been making a huge video push since last June. In November, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in five years most Facebook content would be video and last …