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Innovative Marketers, Transformative Technologies – Attend MarTech in San Francisco, March 31-April 1

Next month, the community of innovators pioneering marketing technology adoption and operations will gather at MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference.
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Join us March 31-April 1 in San Francisco for:

Presentations and panel discussions that guide your selection of marketing technologies, process implementation and development of marketing technologists. See the agenda.
An all-star roster of marketing technologists and senior executives from Coca-Cola, Aetna, Kimberly-Clark, Netflix, Dell and more.
Access to over sixty marketing technology companiesd, from large “platform” companies, start-ups who are seeking to disrupt them, and a wide range of specialist innovators. See who’s exhibiting.
The opportunity to meet people who speak your language and share your passion for marketing technology.

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Register for MarTech by this Saturday, February 21 and you get access to al…

Facebook Wants To Help Publishers Fix The Mobile Reading Experience

Asa Mathat

Facebook is making a case to publishers that the social network can do a better job serving their content on mobile phones.
That news comes straight from Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox, who talked at length about the effort during an hour-long interview with Re/code’s Peter Kafka Tuesday night at the Code/Media conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif.
“Reading news on a smartphone is still a really bad experience most of the time,” Cox said. “It’s slow, especially in the developing world, where it can take 30 or 45 seconds for a piece of content to load.
“We want to try and make that a better experience for publishers.”
What that would mean exactly is still unclear. Cox said talks with publishers are still in the beginning stages and that how publishers’ content would be displayed is still up in the air. He said publishers — he didn’t name any specifically — have been wary when first approached, wondering about Facebook’s motives and worrying about giv…

Buzzfeed Video Chief: Facebook Is Driving Significant Views But Still Trails YouTube

360b /

Buzzfeed’s thriving video production arm is a good barometer for the state of video distribution on the web, so Ze Frank, president of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, is a great source if you want to take measure of the market.
And the majority of that market is still controlled by YouTube, Frank said Tuesday at the Code/Media conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif. Facebook, however, is gaining ground, he said. “It’s very, very significant.”
Frank leads a group of 160 employees at Buzzfeed’s Hollywood studio who produce 50 videos a week for the company. Most are short-form, snackable videos that play well on social networks. They are enormously popular, generating 950 million views a month. Only 5% of those views come on the, so 95% of the audience comes from other platforms.
Other than YouTube, Facebook’s is the most noteable and its decision to autoplay video in users streams is changing how Buzzfeed produces video, Frank said.
“Facebook’s …

There Are Only A Few, But Here’s How Early Adopters Are Using Twitter Video

In the three weeks since Twitter announced the rollout of native video, we’ve been on the lookout for brands and businesses making use of the new feature. So far we’ve come up mostly empty.
Brands appear to be taking a wait and see approach. Or perhaps, they are satisfied with the other ways to introduce motion into their Twitter feeds, animated GIFs, six-second Vine videos, Twitter video cards and, for major advertisers and publishing partners, native video posted through the paid Amplify product.
Whatever the reasons, we’ve only found one major brand using new native video the platform: Tide, which has posted a handful of clips from New York Fashion Week. Here’s one from a NYFW runway:

It's wool & it's surprisingly washable, this @charlotteronson look is straight from the runway. #MBFW#TideChic#NYFW
— Tide (@tide) February 14, 2015

And another off-stage with designer Nicole Miller:

"I love Tide Pens!…They're a life-saver." Our friends @bryanb…

Facebook Relaunches Marketing Partner Site

Marketers looking for help with Facebook campaigns have a new place to turn. Facebook today announced the launch of its Marketing Partners program and site.
The program, which replaces the former Preferred Marketing Developers system, is designed to match third-party providers of marketing services related to Facebook with businesses seeking aid with their Facebook efforts. Facebook announced its rebranding plan in October.
The main feature of the site — — is a tool that matches the hundreds of Facebook partners with clients, helping to narrow down the search to the handful that match the business’ needs.
Here are the categories of expertise available:

Ad Technology
Media Buying
Facebook Exchange (FBX)
Community Management
Content Marketing
Small Business Solutions
Audience Onboarding
Audience Data Providers

Read more on the Facebook blog.
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With TweetDeck Teams, Twitter Gives Groups Secure Access To Accounts

Finally, Twitter is a team player again. After years of neglect, Twitter today is rolling out a way for teams to contribute to Twitter accounts without sharing passwords.
The company is giving team access to accounts via TweetDeck Teams, announced in a blog post today. Years ago, Twitter offered team access to select business accounts, but since that ability was quietly killed, social media managers looking for team features have had to use third-party services such as HootSuite, Buffer or SocialFlow.
Now with TweetDeck Teams, brands and businesses will be able to delegate account access to multiple people without sharing the password. Here’s how to activate the feature, which is rolling out today on TweetDeck for web, Chrome and Windows:

Log into TweetDeck using the account’s Twitter credentials.
Select Accounts from the navigation bar.
Select Team (@yourbrandhandle).
Type the name of the account or accounts you want to have access to @yourbrandhandle.
Select Authorize and an email will be …

SPONSOR MESSAGE: The Performance Marketer’s Retargeting Guide

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