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Live Blog: Marissa Mayer Keynote At First Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference

Flurry’s Jarah Euston is up on stage introducing the mobile developer event. She says that there are roughly 1,000 in the audience.
Flurry was founded as a mail app for flip phones in 2005. Flurry Analytics was introduced in 2008 (post iPhone). She’s running down the agenda for the remainder of the day. She announces a new “mobile developer suite” but doesn’t elaborate.
Marissa Mayer is now on stage. She’s going to “start with a few numbers.” She cites time spent day: 88 percent of mobile time spent in apps; 177 minutes spent in apps daily; 2.2 billion hours spent in apps in January.
Mayer says Yahoo has reinvented its business “with a mobile focus.” She professes the company’s desire to support and help developers.

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Pandora Gets In Direct Messages, Allows Artists To Communicate Directly With Fans

As marketing has headed towards unique and targeted messaging, Pandora has jumped on the bandwagon with new Artist Audio Messaging. At the Code/Media conference yesterday Pandora founder Tim Westergren announced a pilot test that will allow musicians to contact fans directly.
The service will open to a select number of artists including Lenny Kravitz. Musicians will be able to leverage the service to promote new albums, tours or add context on specific songs. According to Westergren this is just the beginning of a much longer roadmap. In the future, messages to specific cities and fans can help to provide targeted messaging.
Pandora hasn’t been doing well in the eyes of their investors as of late. The stock has seen more than a 50% decline and these other opportunities to generate cash could be good for both marketers and the bottom line.
For more information see the re/code for coverage from the Code/Media conference.
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YouTube Says Growth Is Still Strong Despite Push From Facebook

Online video is so hot right now, but YouTube, the grandfather of the industry, isn’t worried about being pushed aside.
In fact, Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of content, said the competition from Facebook and Twitter — “in the last 12 months every platform has decided that they want to add video” — is actually helpful to YouTube.
“I think you are seeing tremendous validation of the market,” Kyncl said during an on-stage interview Wednesday at the Code/Media conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif., “and we are just happy to be part of it.”
Kyncl said there’s room for many large players in what he believes to be a $200-$400 billion market and said YouTube is thriving, with year over year growth in video views at 50% for the last three years.
More than 50% of those views are coming on mobile devices, he said, traffic that has produced yearly mobile revenue growth of 100%.
“There are only a couple of companies that are growing as fast as we are at the scale we are,” Kyncl said.…