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Pinterest Ups Its Spam Fighting Efforts: Cuts Number Of “Spam Clicks” In Half

Pinterest has upped its game against spam, claiming to have cut the number of Pinners who click on spam in half during the last six months.
In an announcement released today, the company said the amount of spam reported on the site has “nose dived” so low that it’s not even a useful metric anymore.
We can dismantle entire attacks in milliseconds, whereas 12 months ago it would have taken us four hours to a day.
According to Pinterest, the system it now has in place responds twice as fast to internal spam request. “Our system’s ability to successfully respond to bad behavior improved from 95 percent to 99.99 percent,” writes Pinterest “Black Ops” manager Marty Weiner.
Weiner says Pinterest’s anti-spam efforts are the result of a system it begin building last year called Stringray, a stream processor and rule engine that can pre-empt spam attacks.
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LinkedIn Adds Notification Center To Company Pages

Marketers who use LinkedIn company pages got a handy upgrade this week. The jobs and career focused social network launched a notification center for LinkedIn company pages.
From the new page, social media managers will be able to:

Get an aggregated overview of how many likes, comments, and shares you’ve received on Company Page updates and how often your company has been mentioned by LinkedIn members on the platform
View every publicly shared mention of your company on LinkedIn
See all of the most recent likes, comments and shares your company has received in a single view
Comment and like as a company representative in response to mentions about your company

LinkedIn has also adjusted the way it displays notifications, aggregating multiple actions from company pages into single notifications. That way page administrators are better able to manage notifications from the company page, and differentiate those from notifications from their personal professional networks.

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