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Showing posts from February 28, 2015

The Role of Data Analytics in Successful Retail Acquisition Campaigns

This past summer, the Gartner Group surveyed people some 215 people who are responsible for the digital-commerce strategies within their companies; 59 of the respondents represented retail companies.
The study shows that the chief marketing officers at retail organizations aren’t exactly driving the digital strategies for their companies. As Garner observes, these marketing teams need to stop limiting their efforts to promotions, and actively become active participants – key drivers, even – of their organizations’ ecommerce strategies.

Easier said then done? Perhaps. The pace of change in the way consumers interact with brands (and make purchasing decisions) has transformed the role of marketing, and this has been a source of challenges for plenty of marketing teams, and for good reason.
Marketing has always been about telling a great brand story and communicating it to the marketplace. But since the advent of data-driven programmatic (not to mention cross-screen) marketing, the complexi…