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From The White House To Shark Week: Get To Know The Discovery Channel’s Chief Communications Officer

As Discovery Communications Inc.’s Chief Communications Officer and senior executive vice president of corporate marketing and affairs, David Leavy has a long list of responsibilities.
He manages the company’s creative and corporate marketing initiatives, government relations and public policy, standards and practices, research and consumer insights, talent relations, and global corporate communications operations.
Leavy also leads Discovery’s in-house media agency, as well as the company’s nonprofit organization, the Discovery Learning Alliance.
For me, marketing is about telling stories and shaping opinion…there’s excitement in eliciting loyalty and affinity for a brand you believe in.
Before managing Discovery’s corporate communications and marketing functions, Leavy served as Senior Director of Public Affairs and Chief Spokesman for the National Security Council and Deputy White House Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs during the Clinton administration.
He developed communication stra…

Which is Best Mac Computer at Budget under One Lakh

Apple is known for its world class products with great design and features. But all this comes at a price. Apple products are not cheap. If you are in the market and you want to buy a Mac Computer at budget of Rs. 100000 then this guide is for you. We are going to discuss about the best possible configurations you can have on your Mac under 1 Lakh.
Which Mac Computer you can buy under Rs. 100000?

Macbook Air – both 11 inch and 13 inch.
Macbook Pro – Non-Retina 13 inch.
Macbook Pro – Retina Display 13 inch – 128 GB SSD.
iMac – 21.5 inch – 1.4 and 2.7 GHz.
Mac Mini.

Laptop Computers

Macbook Air
Macbook Air is the cheapest portable computer offered by Apple. Macbook Air is known for its light design, solid build and good performance. Our Chief Editor – Rohit Langde recently bought one. Macbook Air has a great battery life which I don’t think any other computer have. The 11 inch version gives you 9+ hours and the 13 inch version gives you 12+ hours of battery backup. It’s the coffee shop laptop. I…

Infographic: Optimal Image Sizes For All The Social Networks

Bloomua /

So many social networks, so many different ideal image specs. It’s enough to drive a social media manager to … rant on Twitter.
Fortunately, the folks at Spredfast have put together a guide with the latest photo specifications for just about every social network on the planet. Among other things, the guide will help you with the oddball sizes for cover photos on Facebook (851px by 315px), Twitter (1500-500), Google+ (1080-608) and LinkedIn (646×220).
It also notes optimal sizing for posting photos to make sure your crops don’t go bad and gives general reminders of how to make the best use of visual content on the most popular social sites.

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