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The Web Of Streams

Forget the web of things. Perhaps one of the biggest revolutions underway right now is the “web of streams” and how that’s transforming publishing and advertising.
To underscore that streams might be the next big thing, consider that Google’s new head of Google+ isn’t “Senior Vice President, Social” as was the case last year when Vic Gundotra was in the position. Instead, Bradley Horowitz was elevated to the before unheard of position of “Vice President, Photos & Streams.”
What’s A Stream?
What on earth is a “stream?” A stream is anything where there’s a constantly flowing parade of content that’s pushed at viewers. Some examples of streams include…

Instagram, where you can flip through photos and videos from those you know.
Twitter, where there’s a constant update of tweets.
Facebook’s News Feed, where Facebook’s algorithms try to surface the best content from those you know and others sources.

Those are easy examples of streams. However, I think someone would describe Instagram, Facebo…

AdWords On-The-Go With New Android App

This week, Google launched an AdWords app for Android users. The app is now available for download globally on the Google Play Store.
The AdWords for Android app, which had an initial debut in Canada last month, lets advertisers monitor campaigns and offers some management capabilities, including updating bids and campaign budgets. A dashboard provides a view of impressions, clicks, click-through rate as well as cost and conversions, each of which can be drilled into at the ad group, with segmenting by day of week and device.

Users can link multiple AdWords accounts with the app and toggle between them. Google has had an app for its AdWords Express product, but this marks the first mobile app for the full Adwords platform.
An iOS version will be coming, but no timing has been announced.
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