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Showing posts from March 8, 2015

Smartphone Penetration Grows To 76 Percent In US — Report

The latest comScore smartphone data have arrived but not much has changed. The two noteworthy items in this month’s report are an increase in smartphone ownership and Pinterest’s entry into the top 15 apps list.
The company says that the US smartphone market now comprises 75.8 percent of the total mobile subscriber population. In December it was 74.9 percent. Operating system market share data are nearly identical to three months ago.

In the latest dataset from comScore, Android gained a nearly point while the iPhone has slipped. Compare data from Kantar Worldpanel, which shows a slightly different operating system share distribution:

Android — 51.9 percent
iOS — 42.8 percent
Windows — 4.3 percent
BlackBerry — 0.2 percent
Other –0.8 percent

To throw in another comparison, below is StatCounter data showing traffic share in the US by smartphone operating system.

Finally, comScore’s list of top apps is almost identical to last month — except that Pinterest has entered the top 15, replacing Yahoo …

Work Faster by Blocking Distracting Websites at Schedule Time

“Work is hard, Distractions are plentiful and Time is short.”
Yes, it is true that everyone has shortage of time in their lives. Some people wants to go for a Table Tennis game after work, some wants their children to go for Guitar classes after school and some wants to stay away from sites like: Facebook, College Humor, BuzzFeed etc. If you are reading this then you are also one of them who wants to stay away from distractions and focus on work. After all, it’s your work that matters.

It’s important to have fun in life, Of course. But remember when you are having fun, someone is working their butt off.

Cold Turkey is a simple app which let you block distracting websites like: Facebook, BuzzFeed, College Humor, 9gag etc. Let’s see How you can increase productivity with Cold Turkey. You can download Cold Turkey from here.

Cold Turkey is a freemium app. If you want to buy the subscription, you can buy one. For this tutorial, we are going to use the free app.
Installing Cold Turk…