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You’ve Got Mail! (LinkedIn Is Positive Of It) Sponsored InMail Upgrades Now Serve 100% Deliverability

Big changes are afoot for LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail product. The targeted messaging tool will now be able to boast a 100% deliverability rate as well as additional targeting parameters for advertisers.

Sponsored InMail gives advertisers the ability to market to targeted users via the LinkedIn Messaging system. The new changes will now feature real-time dynamic delivery where prospects are only messaged when they are active on LinkedIn, ensuring that all messages are in-fact delivered. The InMail templates will also be mobile-optimized to help drive more conversions for those on mobile devices.
Another major part of the upgrade is a better aim for advertisers. The new targeting options include a focus on company size, job function and seniority that can be added to InMail campaigns.
These changes are now live, for more information see the official LinkedIn blog.
The post You’ve Got Mail! (LinkedIn Is Positive Of It) Sponsored InMail Upgrades Now Serve 100% Deliverability appeared first o…

Reports: Twitter Has Acquired Periscope Streaming Video App

Looks like Twitter’s video revolution will be … live streamed.
According the multiple reports, Twitter has scooped up Periscope, a startup that enables people to stream live video from their mobile devices.
Periscope is still in private beta and hasn’t announced a product, but reportedly is working on an app similar to Meerkat, the live-streaming app that has recently captured the attention of tech journalists and other tech types on Twitter. Many have wondered whether Twitter would buy Meerkat to add live video to its roster of features.
Instead, the company has picked up Periscope, according Business Insider, Recode and BloombergBusiness. Business Insider, which first reported the news, said the deal was completed several weeks ago.
A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.
Twitter has been making a strong push into video of late, in January giving consumers the ability to record and upload clips of up to 30-second video from the mobile app. But Twitter video and its six-second Vine ap…

Nielsen Study: Twitter TV Conversation Is Bellwether For Audience Engagement

Want to know which television shows are best at captivating their audiences? Take a look at Twitter.
That’s the conclusion of a Nielsen study released today that found TV-related conversation on Twitter is a “bellwether for general audience engagement.” In other words, what happens on TV Twitter is a good indication of how all viewers are reacting to a show.
The study, conducted by Nielsen’s Neuro division, hooked up 300 people to brain monitors and tracked their reactions during the viewing of eight primetime broadcast and cable shows. Nielsen Neuro, which commonly studies engagement with advertising, tracked participants’ emotion, memory and attention. When Nielsen compared Twitter TV activity during the shows with people’s brain activity, it found a 79.5% correlation.
“You can use the Twitter activity to predict the engagement of the show,” Avgusta Shestyuk, director of neuroscience at Nielsen Neuro, told the New York Times. “As the audiences are getting more engaged with the segment,…

The Big News From Apple’s Event Today: TV, MacBook And Watches Aplenty

All over Techmeme are dozens of articles detailing Apple’s product announcements today. While there were many little announcements, the big news falls into three buckets: Apple TV, new MacBook and Apple Watch.
Numbers and Momentum
First the “momentum” numbers shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook:

Apple has sold 700 million iPhones
99 percent customer satisfaction scores for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Apple Pay is supported by 2,500 banks and 700,000 retail locations
All major car makers are supporting CarPlay (40 models). It’s not clear that Toyota is however
900 apps are integrated with Apple’s HealthKit

Apple TV Gets Some Love
The company dropped Apple TV’s price from $99 to $69 and announced that HBO’s new stand-alone streaming service HBO Now ($14.99 per month) would launch initially exclusively on Apple TV. These two “incentives” should generate some quick Apple TV sales.
Apple then spent a fair amount of time announcing and discussing ResearchKit, an opt-in app platform whereby medical researchers can c…