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Showing posts from March 12, 2015

Video Trends Report: Mobile Video Plays Doubled YoY In Q4 2014; Up 15% From Previous Month

To no one’s surprise, more and more people are watching video content on their mobile devices. What’s astounding is how fast mobile video consumption is growing.
According to video marketing firm Ooyala, 38 percent of online video plays in Q4 2014 happened on a tablet or smartphone, double the activity in Q4 2013.
Ooyala reports last December’s mobile video views were up 15 percent compared to the previous month, accounting for the highest number of total monthly mobile video views it had witnessed since it began reporting video metrics.
More than 38% of video plays occurred on smartphones and tablet devices. That’s the highest monthly total we’ve seen in more than a dozen quarters.
Based on data from Ooyala’s more than 500 clients across the world, the report analyzed video viewing behavior of over 220 million global video viewers.
Its data shows online video consumption has been climbing consistently for the past three years, up 16-times what it was in 2011.
Tablet and Smartphone Video Tr…

5 Reasons You Should Attend MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is right around the corner. Here are five reasons you should attend:
1. Actionable content. MarTech sessions will help you:

- Maximize the return on your marketing technology investments.

- Implement a marketing culture that is responsive, agile and drives business success.

- Manage people and processes to create brilliant online experiences for your customers.
2. Accomplished presenters. Conference chair Scott Brinker and the MarTech advisory board selected speakers based on their expertise and willingness to share. You get two days of keynote-quality presentations and expert panels.
3. Vendor agnostic. MarTech isn’t tied to any marketing platform or technology. MarTech will help you choose the technologies, and effectively implement the culture and processes that ensure results.
4. Join the community. MarTech will be the largest independent gathering of marketing technologists in North America. Connect with others who speak your language and are facin…