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Showing posts from March 16, 2015

2 Weeks to MarTech – See Who’s Attending

In just two weeks, the largest vendor-independent gathering of professionals at the intersection of marketing and technology will happen in San Francisco – MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference.
Join the 1000-strong community of marketing technologists and tech-savvy digital marketing leaders who will participate. You’ll make new connections, meet new friends, and learn from peers who are tackling the same challenges and opportunities that you are. Below is just a sample of who’s coming!

MarTech’s jam-packed agenda will inspire you with real-world lessons and big picture ideas you’ll be eager to bring back to your organization. See what past attendees have said.
MarTech speakers are CMOs, VPs, directors, managers, and program leads from B2B and B2C companies. They’ll share experiences and expertise with technology-powered marketing. Plus you’ll get insights on the technology landscape from leading independent analysts, and a peek at the hottest opportunities ahead from venture capital s…

Online Shoppers 1.6X More Likely To Make Purchase After Viewing Video [Report]

Turns out videos are not only winning all the buzz in digital lately, but are also directly impacting online sales according to a new report from video marketing platform Invodo.
Based on video data from Invodo’s more than 100 retail clients, spanning a variety of industries, the Video Commerce Benchmarks Report found online shoppers who viewed a video were, on average, 1.6x more like to make a purchase compared to shoppers who did not view a video.
In 2014, online shoppers who viewed video were 1.6x more likely to buy than shoppers who did not view video.
Invodo said customers of online-only retail sites were 1.7x more likely to make a purchase, while consumers of multichannel retailers were 1.2x more likely to buy. The company’s top performers saw consumers 3.3x more likely to buy after viewing a video.
Video’s Influence on Online Shopping

Analyzing e-commerce site video viewing patterns, Invodo discovered videos on product pages earned an average 16.8 percent view rate, 75 percent highe…