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Marketers Can Now Target Facebook’s Foreign Legion

Facebook today announced a new advertising targeting feature that gives marketers the ability to reach the 92 million expats on Facebook.
The feature enables marketers to target expatriates living within a given country or people from a specific country who are living abroad. Such nationality-specific targeting is currently available for people from Brazil, Indonesia, China, South Africa and India.
In a blog post announcing the new targeting product, Facebook said Middle East airline company Etihad Airways tested it last fall before the Indian holiday Diwali. There are 27 million Hindus on Facebook who live outside of India, according to Facebook. “Using expat targeting, Etihad connected with expats with messages about traveling home for the holiday,” the post said, “reaching 536,00 Indian expats living in the Middle East, leading to 700 bookings and a 50X return on investment.”

Expat targeting is now available worldwide on all Facebook ads interfaces.
The post Marketers Can Now Target Fa…

Bitly Gives Brands A Way To Deep Link To Mobile Apps

Bitly is going deeper into mobile. The Internet’s leading link shortener announced today that it’s offering brand marketers a way to drive more consumers to their mobile apps.
Called Deep Links, the new feature gives Bitly enterprise customers the ability to create links that send mobile users to appropriate in-app locations, instead of web pages.
Such features are usually the province of developers, major platforms like Google and Facebook, and deep linking startups who are jockeying to lay the pipes for the plumbing of the mobile web.
Bitly’s solution is targeted at marketers who want a fix now. The new feature, an extension of Bitly Brand Tools, makes it possible to set an alternative app link for any Bitly link created.
When customers tap on such a link from a mobile device, they will be be taken to the appropriate location on the app if they have the app installed on their device. Otherwise, they will be directed to the web page.
In several weeks, Bitly chief product officer Matt Thom…

Virool Launches eIQ, New Tool To Show Video Marketers How Audiences React In Real-Time

Virool has added a new tool called eIQ to its existing video advertising platform.
The company says that eIQ will give video advertisers a way to track the emotional reactions that audiences experience as they watch video ads. Audiences opt-in to be tracked and eIQ detects facial expressions and head movements through the viewer’s webcam. Advertisers get data segments that include age, gender and emotions, along with an overall 1-10 video performance score.

“At Virool, we refer to branded video as Advertainment, and we built eIQ to track the emotional response that their Advertainment is actually receiving,” said Alex Debelov CEO of Virool. “In today’s digital economy, impressions are an outdated measure of success. That is why we care more deeply about the Attention Graph, because attention is what gets results. With eIQ, we are giving brand marketers a new level of transparency into the performance of their video campaigns. And for the first time ever, we can quantitatively assess how…

With Latest Funding, Pinterest Pins Value At $11 Billion

Pinterest has raised $367 million in funding, giving the visual bookmarking site an $11 billion valuation, according to an SEC filing and Pinterest.
Pinterest may raise as much as $210.8 million more in this round of funding, a Pinterest spokesman wrote in an email to Marketing Land. The five-year-old startup, which has previously raised $764 million, is now one of the most highly valued venture-backed companies in the world. Among social media firms, only Snapchat, with a $15 billion valuation, leads Pinterest in the Wall Street Journal’s tracking chart.
The Journal, which reported the news first today, cited a source saying that the current funding round is expected to close in a few weeks.
Pinterest has only recently started a strong push for monetization. In January, it officially released its first ad product, Promoted Pins.
Pinterest plans to use the cash infusion for “corporate purposes, including to fuel international expansion,” the company spokesperson wrote. Pinterest hasn’t re…

BuzzFeed Bars Brands From Publishing Content On Its Community Platform

360b /

Last week, reported BuzzFeed froze brand publisher accounts for its community publishing platform, ending unpaid content opportunities for brands that had been using the site for content marketing efforts.
While BuzzFeed didn’t respond to a request for comments on the changes to its editorial policies for brands, Jim Hanas, the director of audience development for HarperCollins, confirmed his company did get a notice.
“We were enthusiastic early adopters of the platform in June 2013, and, yes, we received notice from Buzzfeed that their policy was changing, essentially barring brands from publishing in the community,” said Hanas.
According to Hanas, HarperCollins created 72 community posts since its start less than two years ago and had much success on the platform.
“We had one post early on that had more than one million views, and we were regularly seeing posts get more than 100K,” said Hanas.
HarperCollins’ best post of all time on BuzzFeed’s Communi…

89 Percent Of Companies Using Content Marketing Say It Works [Survey]

Content marketing works. That’s the conclusion from a recent Ascend2 survey in which 89 percent of companies that use content marketing say it’s successful.
The Content Marketing Trends survey covered 290 marketers, sales and business professionals from companies around the world.
Almost nine out of 10 companies that use content marketing said that it’s either “very successful” or “somewhat successful.”

Lead generation and improving customer engagement were cited as the two most important objectives of a content marketing strategy, with improving search engine rankings at the bottom of that list — only 19 percent listed SEO as one of their most important objectives.
Articles and case studies were voted the most effective type of content, with videos and infographics not far behind. News releases were voted the least effective.
When it comes to producing content, videos are seen as the biggest challenge. 59 percent of voters listed it as one of the most difficult types of content to create.…

New YouTube “Cards” Will Display On Mobile – Taking Annotations To The Next Level

Denys Prykhodov /

YouTube rolled out new “cards” today, offering what it calls the “evolution” of its annotations.
Now capable of displaying on mobile devices, the cards include customized images, titles and call-to-action text, and are available in six different categories, including: merchandise, fundraising, video, playlist, associated website and fan funding.
They can inform your viewers about other videos, merch, playlists, websites and more. They look as beautiful as your videos, are available anytime during the video and yes, they finally work on mobile.
According to the announcement, the new “Cards” can be created and edited from the “Cards” tab in the video editor. Youtube said the cards have not replaced annotations completely, but that’s the intent.
“Our goal is to have these eventually replace annotations,” writes YouTube product manager Muli Salem on the Creator blog, “But this will happen only once they can do everything annotations can do today, and more.”