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A CMO’s View: Heineken Stays Ahead Of The Game By Sponsoring Fastest Growing Sport In U.S.

For Heineken’s CMO Nuno Teles, being ahead of the curve makes all the difference.
“We were the first European brand to be imported into the U.S. after prohibition,” said Teles, “We are very much connected to everything that is progressive. We jump into what’s growing!”
Continuing its tradition of being a progressive brand, Heineken announced last October that it had entered into a long-term agreement to be the Major Soccer League’s official beer.
If you are not bold enough, you do not stand above the crowd.
“We are associated with the best soccer in Europe,” said Teles whose brand has sponsored the UEFA Champions League (Union of European Football Association) since 2005, “Having that association positions us as a credible brand to drive the growth of soccer in the U.S.”
According to Teles, the MLS sponsorship gives Heineken a truly national platform to reach the league’s 90 million consumers, and makes it possible for the brand to create its own future by sponsoring the fastest growing sp…

Report: Sprout Social, HootSuite, TweetDeck Are Top-Ranked Social Management Tools

What’s the best social media management platform? That depends on who you ask. So it’s wise to ask a lot of people, which is essentially what G2 Crowd does on its business software review site.
And after crunching the numbers from 600 reviews by business professionals, G2 Crowd reported today that Sprout Social, HootSuite and TweetDeck are its top-ranked social management tools for spring 2015.
G2 Crowd put those three platforms in its Leader category, which indicates a high customer satisfaction score and a substantial market presence. Sprout Social received the top customer satisfaction score — 96 out of 100 — among the 14 tools listed in the report. HootSuite’s customer satisfaction score was 93 and TweetDeck’s 60. The scores are all normalized to be relative to the other tools rated.
G2 Crowd ranked AgoraPulse, Sendible, Viralheat, Buffer and GroSocial in the High Performer category, which is made up of tools with lower market presence and high customer satisfaction. AgoraPulse had a…

How To Setup Cache Plugin in WordPress With WP Super Cache

Video transcript: Setting up Super Cache Plugin
Hey guys, Harsh here, welcome to another video episode of ShoutMeLoud, so today we will learn how to enable the cache on your WordPress blog. By default, when you install WordPress blog, it’s quite fast but having a cache mechanism will make sure that your blog will load faster.
So there are various cache plugin available in the market, the one I really recommend W3TotalCache or SuperCache, the one which I use on my blog is WProcket, it’s a premium plugin so for this you need to pay some money but if you are running a general blog, you are okay with W3 Total Cache or Super Cache WordPress plugin, don’t install both the plugin at the same time, use only one of them, so for this video, I’ll be using super cache plugin because that’s a very easy to configure plugin, in the next video, I’ll also show you how to configure w3 total cache.
So let’s start the process now, before I install the plugin, let me quickly show you. So this is the blog whe…