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Accelerate Your Career with Marketing Analytics You Can Use – March 24 Webcast

Marketers are increasingly expected to make data-driven decisions, but many lack the analytics tools and expertise to glean timely insights from customer data. Analytics has been identified as the largest talent and hiring gap in marketing; 37% of Fortune 500 companies say they need marketers with analytics chops.
In this Digital Marketing Depot webcast, Stephen Archut from IBM will explain how Watson Analytics understands your plain language business questions and goes to work automating data prep, statistical analysis and visual storytelling. You’ll learn how to use analytics to improve targeting, by identifying your most profitable customers, improve campaign effectiveness, by understanding which marketing campaigns succeeded and why, and improve conversion rates, by understanding which customer segments are most likely to accept marketing offers.
Registration is free at Digital Marketing Depot.
The post Accelerate Your Career with Marketing Analytics You Can Use – March 24 Webcast ap…

GinzaMetrics Launches Social Intelligence Suite

GinzaMetrics has announced the launch of a new analytics product called the Social Intelligence Suite.
The company says its new tool will help search and content marketers tie social media marketing efforts to overall revenue. The suite includes Marketing Channel Performance, Competitor Social Landscape, Content Insights, and Social Engagement Analytics. From the press release:

“We developed our Social Intelligence Suite based on the need of brands to understand how their social media efforts contribute to revenue,” stated Ray Grieselhuber, Founder & CEO GinzaMetrics. “Marketers need to be able to connect all marketing data to see the full effect of campaigns on revenue, conversions, and traffic.”
GinzaMetrics’ Social Intelligence Suite is the only marketing intelligence platform that gives marketers the ability to track conversions and contributions to revenue from social media by channel at the campaign, content or content group, and keyword level. Based on this intelligence, brand…

Why Smart Bloggers Should Focus On Email Marketing – Examples

If there is one advice I would give to my younger self as a blogger, that will be the focus on email-marketing. Build targeted email-list, and don’t miss out an opportunity of getting your readers on your email list. Whenever I meet budding bloggers, I often find them asking questions like: How do I get […]
Why Smart Bloggers Should Focus On Email Marketing – Examples is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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One AdSense Super Secret Trick To Make Huge Money

Hi guys, Harsh here and today I have some something interesting to share with you. This is especially for people who are using AdSense to monetize their blog, so today I will be sharing you one secret that will help you to drive more traffic and at the same time, you will be making more […]
One AdSense Super Secret Trick To Make Huge Money is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Ooyala, TubeMogul Partner On New Premium Video Programmatic Marketplace

Ooyala and TubeMogul have partnered — via Ooyala-owned Videoplaza — to develop a premium video programmatic marketplace.
The integration of services will allow brands and marketers using TubeMogul’s video advertising software to access Videoplaza’s inventory of premium video publishers, broadcasters and operators. From the news release:

Together, TubeMogul and Videoplaza are building a secure, trusted and transparent programmatic marketplace for TubeMogul’s globally recognized customers to buy high-quality online TV inventory directly, or via private networks, from Videoplaza’s customers. Representing more than half of Europe’s top broadcasters, Videoplaza customers now have access to additional income from the highest quality of campaigns that are relevant to their audiences and complimentary to their content, strengthening CPMs and creating a profitable value-add to their sales strategy.

“TubeMogul has done a phenomenal job creating innovation in this space — their product suite and cu…

Facebook To SMB Advertisers: Evolve With Us

Facebook’s relationship with small businesses is … complicated.
Enticed since 2007 by the free marketing opportunity of Facebook Pages, many SMBs have counted on the social network to help them make direct connections with customers. So when Facebook began to throttle Pages’ organic reach in the News Feed in the last several years, eventually telling business owners that the best way to reach customers on Facebook is to pay for advertising, many SMBs felt burned.
Pay to reach the community we worked so hard to build? Can you say bait and switch?
Jonathan Czaja, Facebook’s director of small business for North America, understands that feeling. In an interview this week with Street Fight, he said Facebook’s adjustments require changes in marketers’ thinking:

“The reality is that Facebook as an advertising platform is evolving. We started with ads based on social metrics, and what we’ve done is spend a ton of time building advertising products based on business objectives rather than social …

Viral Content Site Playbuzz Announces $16 Million In New Funding

Playbuzz, the viral content site riding a wave of Facebook fueled success, announced today that it has raised $16 million in venture capital funding.
Playbuzz, which launched in December 2014 and says it draws 80 million monthly unique visitors, is the most shared English language-site on Facebook, according to social analytics firm NewsWhip, blowing past the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed in November.
Playbuzz stokes Facebook sharing with quizzes, polls and listicles — “Which Kardashian’s Blonde Hair Do You Like The Most?,” “21 Not-So-Cool Signs It’s Still Freaking Winter,” “What Type Of Dog Are You” — and other “playful” content that resonates with users on the mammoth social network.
Playbuzz, a startup co-founded by Shaul Olmert, son of former Israel prime minister Ehud Olmert, doesn’t produce much of its own content. Instead it provides a free platform for other publishers, including AOL, MTV and Yahoo, to create content that can be embedded on their sites.
“The kind of content that we…