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Report: Mobile Display Ads Outperformed Search In Delivering New Customer Calls

A fascinating new report from Marchex analyzed 1.8 million calls to compare the performance of different mobile ad channels in driving new sales prospects in the Financial Services and Insurance categories. The ad channels examined were directories, search engines, Marchex’s “voice search” network and mobile display ads.
The uniform objective of the ads across channels was to generate new sales calls rather than clicks or form fills. Marchex uses an IVR disambiguation system to separate genuine prospects from customer service calls and others (i.e., “press 2″).
Some of the calls were fielded by national call centers and some by local agents. The data were collected and analyzed in 2014.

In the aggregate, combining all four channels, Marchex found that 31 percent of calls were from new sales prospects. Otherwise, 69 percent were unintended calls, existing customers, telemarketers or repeat calls. This is sobering information for all those who believe that all calls are equally “good leads…

Report: Facebook To Turn Messenger Into Its Own Platform

According to TechCrunch, Facebook will be making an announcement at F8 next week that Messenger will begin allowing for 3rd part experiences. This could make Messenger more of a Snapchat/WeChat competitor.
There is no word yet on the 3rd party integrations, but according to TechCrunch sources, the Messenger Platform is said to be a major part of the upcoming F8 Conference. A previous example of a custom Messenger integration was Facebook’s own “Stickered” implementation from the most recent Holiday season. This allow users to “sticker” all over photos and create custom images that were sent via Messenger.

Of course this could be a boon for Marketers as much like Snapchat, there may be opportunities for direct content communication to the 500 million Facebook Messenger users.
For more information see the full report at TechCrunch or keep your eyes peeled at next week’s F8 conference.
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Even Brief Video Views Drive Brand Lift, Facebook-Nielsen Study Finds

One of the knocks against Facebook video as a marketing tool is that because of autoplay it’s difficult to measure how your message is being received by the audience.
Sure Facebook the audience is enormous — Facebook says videos get more than 3 billion views daily — but the social network counts as a view a person’s pause on a video for at least three seconds.
How much of your marketing message can get through in three seconds?
Plenty, according to a Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen. The study found lift in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration even for people who saw the video before it started playing but didn’t watch any of it:

“Results show that from the moment a video ad was viewed (even before one second), lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration. That means even people who never watched the video, but did see the impression, were still impacted by the ad. And, as expected, lift increased the longer people watch the ad.”


Amazon To Close Its E-Commerce Platform Webstore In 2016’s e-commerce platform Webstore is on its way out.
According to a report on Internet Retailer, the e-commmerce solution for small to mid-sized merchants will shut down in 2016.
ChannelAdvisor Corp’s CEO Scot Wingo told Internet Retailer that Amazon had begun notifying its Webstore customers this week of plans to discontinue the service in the coming year.
“We have about 100 customers that utilize the Amazon storefront technology,” said Wingo, “We are working with them to find new solutions.”
The decision has prompted a thread in Amazon’s sellers forum, with many commenters claiming they received a notice on March 16 from Amazon that it would be closing Webstore in July 2016.
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