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Showing posts from March 24, 2015

Facebook’s Talks To Host Publishers’ Content Are Heating Up

Facebook’s efforts to host news publishers content are apparently picking up momentum.
A report Monday in the New York Times, citing anonymous sources, laid out more details of discussions Facebook has been having with “at least half a dozen media companies” to publish content directly on Facebook.
From the story:

Facebook intends to begin testing the new format in the next several months, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions. The initial partners are expected to be The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic, although others may be added since discussions are continuing. The Times and Facebook are moving closer to a firm deal, one person said.
To make the proposal more appealing to publishers, Facebook has discussed ways for publishers to make money from advertising that would run alongside the content.

Revenue-sharing plans are still being negotiated, according to the story, but one possibility would “allow publishers to show a single ad in a custom format w…

Facebook’s Success Blueprint: Improved Online Learning For Brands And SMBs

Facebook has initiated a major online push to help brands, agencies and small businesses improve their ads and ad performance on the site.
The company has launched and online learning center called Blueprint for brands and agencies. There’s also parallel site for small business or Facebook newbies called Learn How.

Blueprint is a mix of online and in-person training — and now certification. According to the company’s blog post:

The foundation of Blueprint is its eLearning center, which features over 35 online courses and has tracks organized by category, such as direct response marketing, as well as tracks designed for specific roles, such as digital buying. Blueprint eLearning easily integrates with other learning and development programs and offers reporting to track progress and results.

Blueprint is currently available only in English but will be appear in other languages later this year. It can be accessed online and on mobile.
There’s a parallel learning center for small businesses o…

Twitter’s New Anti-Abuse Tool “Quality Filtering” Rolling Out To Verified iOS Users

It was just over a month ago when Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, stated “We suck at dealing with abuse & trolls” in an internal memo. Since then there has been an undertaking to make Twitter a better place quickly. A new feature was spotted in the wild last night by techie Anil Dash that aims to quiet any abuse before it can happen:

Well, that's an interesting & welcome addition, Twitter! (Was prompted about this on opening the app.)
— Anil Dash (@anildash) March 23, 2015

The new quality filtering tool will remove Tweets and notifications from user timelines if they are deemed to contain threats, offensive/abusive language or are spam. According to TechCrunch this feature is currently rolling out to verified users who are using iOS.
This new feature may not only help curtail abuse and spam, but the declining monthly active user issue that Twitter has been facing. By creating a safer environment (much like Facebook worked on last year) more users may feel mo…

Israel’s Keywee Brings Content Marketing Platform To U.S., Raises $9.1 Million

Keywee, an Israel-based startup whose content marketing platform boasts more than 60 customers, has announced a Series A funding round of $9.1 million and the opening of its U.S. headquarters in New York City.
The funding is led by some familiar names: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Marker LLC, with participation from The New York Times Company and UpWest Labs. Keywee says the money will be used to expand product development and grow its sales and marketing operations, now based in the U.S.
Keywee’s content marketing platform aims to match specific content with audiences that are interested in that type of content. From the news release:

Keywee employs complex text-mining capabilities to analyze text in an existing content piece and then leverages a data layer that understands the native targeting taxonomies for different channels to find the best paid audiences for that marketing asset. Audiences across platforms and distribution channels are selected …

Autoplay Is Now The Default For YouTube Videos

Add another platform to the autoplay bandwagon. YouTube, which had been testing the feature since late last year, has now enabled autoplay for all desktop users.
That means after watching a video on Google’s network, you will be served a related video based on your viewing history and that video will start playing automatically. The experience is different than Facebook’s autoplaying News Feed video, or Twitter’s current autoplay experiment, since people don’t watch video within YouTube via a social stream, but Google’s motive is no doubt similar: to boost video views.
Facebook, which now claims more than 3 billion video views a day, is seen to be barging into YouTube’s territory. Although YouTube hasn’t recently released a similar stat — in 2012 it reported 4 billion views a day — adding autoplay could be considered a competitive response.
Users can disable YouTube’s autoplay feature by clicking the toggle button in the upper right-hand corner of the video page:

YouTube released a video …

New: Twitter Tests Suggestion Feature “You May Also Like”

Twitter has long struggled with how to make its site more sticky. One of the major criticisms over the years is that new users aren’t find enough on the network to become regular users.
Twitter has been working to solve the early interest gap in a number of ways, including pushing tweets from people you don’t follow into your feed and the “While you were away” feature to let mobile users know what they have been missing since last signing on.
Now, it appears the company is testing a new display unit on on Spotted today by Marketing Land editor in chief Matt McGee, the “You may also like” feature shows up in the right-rail on some individual tweet pages. It shows several tweets, some related to the content of the main tweet, some not. With the small sample-size — we saw the display on four of 10 tweets we checked — it wasn’t possible to see a pattern.
That real estate is normally empty, which either is a nice empty-space design touch or a wasted opportunity to display content…

Twitter Sets Autoplay Video Test In Motion

Twitter is dipping a toe into the autoplay wave.
The company today started a limited test of autoplay video for some U.S. users of its iOS apps. That means some iPhone and iPad users will see videos play in their Twitter feeds without pushing the play button.
Reported first by AdAge, the experiment aims to test the reaction of users to autoplay video by dividing subjects into two groups, one that will see entire videos play in a loop and the other that will see looping six-second previews of videos. In each case, videos will start playing without audio. When someone clicks on a video, it will expand to full screen and play with sound.
The test will only apply to promoted video ads, native video uploaded via Twitter’s mobile app and clips that are part of the Amplify program; Vine videos will not be part of the test, according to AdAge, cited an unnamed source.
A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Marketing Land that the company is “running a small test on a few variations on the video play…

Twitter Is Partnering With Foursquare On Location Tagging

Twitter said today that it will partner with Foursquare to pinpoint location tagging in tweets.
Twitter announced the news via a tweet that included a video demonstration of how it will work on the iPhone:

Coming soon! We're working with @foursquare so you can tag specific locations in Tweets:
— Twitter (@twitter) March 23, 2015

The new feature will add specificity to the geotagging available on mobile devices for people who want to signal where they are tweeting from. Twitter’s support page says Foursquare locations will be available in selection locations, allowing tagging of a specific business, landmark or other point of interest.
The Foursquare tagging ability is being rolled out in the United States and Canada over the next few weeks with additional markets to follow, a Twitter spokesperson told Marketing Land.
The Twitter-Foursquare partnership makes sense for both companies. Foursquare has been struggling to regain its footing after s…