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Verisign: .Com Domains Have More Click Appeal In Search Results

Some are controversial. Others are clever. But Verisign wants marketers and business owners to know that none of the new domain extensions has the click appeal of the venerable .com.
According to recent Interbrand research — funded by Verisign, which runs the .com registry and has financial reasons for encouraging .com registrations — consumers are more likely to click on web addresses that end with .com than on one with a new and less familiar domain.
Interbrand tested 1,000 online shoppers in the U.S., showing them a search results page that had similar web addresses with different domain extensions. Sixty-one percent skipped past a higher ranking new domain in order to click on a similar .com listing lower on the search results page. And after having a new domain recommended to them, 62 percent still clicked on the .com version of the address.

The Verisign/Interbrand study also claims that 94 percent of consumers in the test group were correctly able to recall a .com address, compared…