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At MarTech Conference, Aetna’s MTO Says Marketing Technology Can’t Exist In A Silo

Marketing technology has to be integrated with all parts of a organization to be effective, said Joseph Kurian today during the opening session of the Martech conference in San Francisco.
Kurian, the Head of Marketing Technology & Innovation at Aetna, the third-largest health insurance company in the US, joined the company in 2013 and began developing a marketing technology group. One of his first goals was to make sure that technology was integrated across the entire enterprise.
“We cannot exist in a silo,” Kurian told the audience, while explaining that marketing tools have to work with other internal systems in order to drive company-wide business decisions.

Pillars Of A Marketing Technology Office
For attendees that are in the process of growing the role of marketing technology in their companies, Kurian offered his list of three pillars of a marketing technology office:

Marketing is heavily reliant on technology. Much of it is in-house or SaaS at a vendor. We should control budget…

Why Content ‘Misdirection’ Can Be A Viral Homerun

A couple of weeks ago, actor Will Ferrell was interviewed on the “The Tonight Show” to promote his new movie, “Get Hard.” Except Ferrell didn’t really want to talk about the movie. He wanted to chat about Little Debbie snack cakes, and he did it in full Little Debbie makeup and costume.

This interview was a little weird, even for Will Ferrell. But that weirdness, combined with surprise and humor, transformed a run-of-the-mill contractual movie promotion into a news story worth media coverage.
It’s a classic case of misdirection — everyone knew Ferrell would come out and talk about his movie, but nobody expected him to be dressed like a little girl and to praise snack cakes.
Why was he dressed like Little Debbie? Was he really the brand’s new spokesman? Was this a media stunt by the snack cake maker? Why didn’t he want to talk about the film? Where was this interview going to go next?

The audience was fascinated with trying to figure out what was going on. Even days after the interview, pe…

More Unbundling Evidence? Google+ Making Photos Available On Google Drive

Google announced today that it will make photos from Google+ available within users’ Google Drive accounts. It’s a handy new feature for people who use Google+ to store their digital images.
But is is a sign? Well, maybe.
It could be more evidence that Google plans to dismantle Google+ and concentrate more on the sum of its parts, especially the popular photo and Hangouts features. Early this month, Google VP Bradley Horowitz took control of Google+, announcing that he is now in charge of the company’s “Photos and Streams” products. The fact that Horowitz didn’t invoke the Google+ brand in his announcement, coupled with then-fresh remarks by Google SVP Sundar Pichai hinting at a Google+ split prompted a wave of stories in the tech press that Google is planning to pull apart the social network. Some even reported that Google had made the splitofficial.
So far there has been no official word from Google about the issue. However, Google+’s head engineer Yonatan Zunger commented on Google+ t…

Infolinks Review : Should You Use This Ad Network With AdSense?

Infolinks is one name which you will always hear when it comes to monetizing your blog. I have used Infolinks for years, and here I’m sharing my review of Infolinks from my experience. I started blogging in 2008 and the first ad-network which I used was Google AdSense. After AdSense, I started looking for other […]
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