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Dell At MarTech Conference: Customer Experience Must Drive Marketing Technology Decisions

If there’s been one overarching theme at the Martech conference, it’s the need for marketing technology (and the marketers that use it) to focus on the customer first. Speakers from major brands like Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark, along with those from smaller digital agencies, have almost universally emphasized a customer-centric approach to using marketing technology.
Dell’s Corey Craig continued that focus with her presentation Wednesday morning that explained how she helped develop an “always on” marketing program that the company calls Solutions Nurture.
Craig, the Customer Experience Design & Innovation Lead at Dell, said the project began by mapping out an entire customer experience that looked for all the different touch points that a consumer might have with Dell, and identified the customer’s intent at each point.
“Let the experience drive technology decisions,” Craig said, explaining that Dell is using seven systems to manage how it reacts to customer intent.
Dell’s Content …

Acrolinx Launches Cloud-Based Content Marketing Platform For The Enterprise

Acrolinx has launched a new, cloud-based content marketing platform that aims to help writers better target the words they write for the audiences who will be consuming that content.
It’s called Acrolinx Cloud Edition, and it’s geared for enterprise-level organizations that are generating substantial amounts of content across different departments, languages and geographies. It helps authors target their content for specific audiences and provides real-time guidance as the content is created. From the company blog post:

Based on our existing linguistic analytics expertise, our new cloud-based software actually “reads” your content and analyzes it against thousands of linguistic dimensions and rules such as style, terminology, readability, and tone. It then provides writers with real-time guidance on how they can make it better. The result: Acrolinx makes it easy for companies to create great content that’s on-brand, on-target and drives results.

Acrolinx already counts companies like Cis…

Twitter Begins Pushing Ads Within User Profile Pages

Twitter users should now be used to seeing targeted ads pop up in their stream. But how about on their own content? Re/code confirmed a new ad test that displays promoted Tweets directly within a user’s profile page.

The sponsored content is branded that way with a big “Suggested By Twitter” disclaimer brandished atop the promoted Tweet. This test can be spotted live on a small portion of web and mobile profile pages, but won’t yet appear for verified users.
While this appears to be a nice feature, the last thing that brands want is a competitor showing up in their profile. Having the ability to purchase ads around a sponsored athlete makes a good deal of sense, but could become hairy if competitors are allow to do so — or even show on the brand itself.
For the full story head to re/code.
Image used with permission from re/code.
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How to Create Verified PayPal Account in Banned Countries

Do you live in Pakistan & want to own a PayPal account? PayPal is not available for many countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti to name a few. I’m sure you are aware of the fact that: The PayPal is one of the most famous online payment systems. You can send and receive money across […]
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Is Poor Grammar Killing Your Content Marketing? Study Says 69% Of Brands Fail to Make The Grade

While marketing teams continue to create more and more content marketing materials, a new study from marketing software provider Acrolinx claims brands are not spending nearly enough time on the quality of their content marketing efforts.
Using linguistic analytics software to evaluate grammar and style, Acrolinx leveraged a 100-point scale to score marketing, corporate, technical and customer support content from companies with $250 million or more in annual revenue.
When attention to quality is overlooked, things tend to fall apart quickly.
The report analyzed 20,000,000 sentences pulled from 150,000 web pages for 340 global companies, and found only 31 percent of the brands exceeded an “impact score” of 72 or higher – with the remaining 69 percent of companies earning below Acrolinx’s target score.
“To assess a company’s grammar usage, we examined its content against best practices for standard grammar conventions then calculated how many errors it contained on average per 1,000 words,…