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How Google Could Make Billons Off Belly Button Lint

eBay’s search engine marketing team used to be famous (infamous?) for what can only be described as SEM carpet-bombing.
In the early days of Google AdWords, it seemed like eBay showed up on every term a user entered, regardless of whether it actually had anything to do with products available for sale on the auction site. We’re talking terms like “nuclear bomb” and “belly button lint” – not exactly the definition of “commercial intent.”
Over time, Google has restricted advertisers from uploading the dictionary and then using dynamic keyword insertion to make an ad look like it’s relevant to a user, largely through the enforcement of Quality Score, which penalizes advertisers for irrelevant ads and keywords.
The only minor modification to this policy came about a couple of years ago when Google introduced remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), which theoretically allows an advertiser to bid on an irrelevant term if the advertiser knows that the person searching for that term has visited…

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Incredible Art Made Entirely In Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a simple Microsoft Paint like diagramming application that is commonly used for creating flowcharts and diagrams inside documents and presentations on Google Drive. It offers a few elementary tools before you dismiss Drawings as not worthy of any serious work, take a look at Joshua Pomeroy’s art and you’ll be amazed.

Creating Art in Google Drawings
Joshua is a Michigan-based visual artist and he uses this basic Google Drawings app to create some very impressive and detailed vector portraits. You can browse through his work on Google Plus and all these images are created entirely inside Google Drawings.
If you are curious to know such incredible art was made, Joshua has uploaded a series of video tutorials on YouTube where he explains how he goes about creating these digital paintings from photographs inside Google Drive.

The story, Incredible Art Made Entirely In Google Drawings, was originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal on 07/04/2015 under Google …

Runway to Success Season 3 – Fast Track To Success For Entrepreneur

Runway to Success, a one of its kind collaboration between Lufthansa and ET NOW is back again with Season 3. Aimed at discovering, mentoring honing and rewarding the leaders of tomorrow, the objectives of this unique initiative are encouraging and invigorating Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to come forward and share their vision with some […]
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A More Efficient Method for Embedding YouTube Videos

When you embed any YouTube video on your website using standard IFRAME tags, you’ll be surprised to know how much extra weight that YouTube video will add to your page. The web page has to download ~0.5 MB of extra resources (CSS, JavaScript and images) for rendering the YouTube video player and the files will download even if the visitor on your website has chosen not to watch the embedded YouTube video.

The embedded video is making your page heavy and the visitor’s browser will also need to make multiple HTTP requests to render the video player. This increases the overall loading time of your page and thus affects the page speed score. The other drawback with the default YouTube embed code is that it isn’t responsive. If people view your website on a mobile phone, the video player would not resize itself accordingly.
Load YouTube Video Player On-Demand
Google Plus uses a clever workaround to reduce the time it takes to initially load the YouTube video player and we can incorporate a si…

Was Hostess’ #OpeningDay Tweet A Social Media Slam Dunk?

When is a social media flub not a mistake? When it’s on purpose.
Hostess Snacks jumped into baseball’s Opening Day Twitter fray with a tweet that at first glance seemed like a major league gaff: including “TOUCHDOWN” in an image celebrating the first full day of MLB competition.

It's here and we couldn't be filled with more sweet joy. #OpeningDay
— Hostess Snacks (@Hostess_Snacks) April 6, 2015

The tweet sparked an immediate reaction on Twitter, as per usual when brands slip up:

@Hostess_Snacks Umm… shouldn't that be "Home run"?
— Tom Misson (@tom_misson) April 6, 2015

@Hostess_Snacks@pourmecoffee Error on the snack cake.
— rhythm7a (@rhythm7a) April 6, 2015

@Hostess_Snacks Oops !!! Wrong sport….. I'm actually insulted
— heather (@heatherbelle585) April 6, 2015

Swing and a miss RT @Hostess_Snacks: It's here and we couldn't be filled with more sweet joy. #OpeningDay
— Will Thompson (@thrillis4) April 6, 2015

Next came the i…